But curiously enough, no one ever seems to consider, much less interrogate, the neon thread woven through it all. Meaning that pronoun, “he.” Always, “he.” We take it for granted. It hardly even registers. But maybe it should. In a government- funded study of 172 mass shootings since 1966 — defined as a shooting in a public place where four or more people were killed — The Violence Project, a nonpartisan and nonprofit anti-violence think tank, found that just four of the shooters were female. That’s a little more than 2%.
— Trib Live Leonard Pitts Jr.: What is wrong with American men?

According to Leonard Pitts the reason there is so much violence in America and so many mass shootings is because of men. He obsesses with the issue of gun violence being a man issue. And more than that, American Men. “Other countries have men — and for that matter, private gun ownership. Yet they don’t have the random gun violence this country does.”

At issue is the cherry picking of data, of manipulating the data, of ignoring data. We see this in his use of the term “gun violence”. This term is used by gun rights infringers to conflate actual violence committed with firearms with suicides and justifiable homicide.

These United States have an intentional murder rate of 6.2/100,000 This is 59th in the world. This isn’t great but it does include all of the Democratic controlled murder nexuses in cities.

But for Leonard it is American Men? Why?

The first thing we see is the changing culture. While he talks of “Men” he doesn’t talk of the environment these men come from. They come from single parent homes.

When we look at the violence in the cities we find a culture of fatherless children. The term use to be “latch key children.” The children that came home from school and had their own key to the house as there was nobody else home.

It takes good role models to create good people. Watch the following video and decide what sort of role models these young children have:

Men aren’t the problem nor are women. The problem is a culture. A culture of victimhood. A culture of irresponsibility. A culture of refusing refusing to work for rewards but instead expect them to be given.

A culture where participation awards are the standard. Where “keeping score” is forbidden.

If Leonard Pitts wants to find a cause for the evil that grows in our society he might find it looking out from his mirror.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Mass Shootings Are Because of… Men?”
  1. White men of European descent, more precisely.
    I have a response to that but I’m feeling polite this morning, so I won’t say it.

  2. Yet, the leftists (Pitts is likely one), continually fight against the nuclear, or extended families. Their goal is decimating all other relationships in favor of the all powerful State.
    Leftists require love and obedience to that State above all else. Spousal and family relationships are secondary. Friends, neighbors, co-workers are insignificant in comparison. Love of God, that is right out.
    Just look at what they vote for, and the consequences of those votes. Look at what they support. Remember during the 0 administration when the WH had a snitch line set up? How about when the DOJ decided parents were terrorists. They support teachers who push woke crap on them, and teachers who knowingly tell the students they do not have to listen to their parents.
    Pitts is an idiot, and he is knowingly and deliberately attacking a segment of society that has taught younger generations morals and common sense. That has raised generation after generation of self reliant individuals. As a leftist, he wants (whether he realizes it or not) the State to be the parent, not the actual parent. A nation of children to the State.

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