By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Massachusetts malicious compliance with Bruen”
  1. Added bonus, that is (if I remember correctly) the month where icy roads are most likely.
    if they absolutely must consider your application, best to do it during a month that has the highest potential for a life altering accident on the roads.

    1. It’s a straight shot down I-95 for me. It’s not all that icy. They salt the piss out of the roads and the heavy interstate traffic keeps it melted.

  2. Be polite. Don’t be a dick. 😉

    The person that did my interview (accidentally?) mentioned that all of the non-resident LTCs are approved or declined by a single person.

    If it’s still in Chelsea, the IRS is also in that building, so there’s a security checkpoint.

    If you get it, at least you can renew by mail for 5(?) years before another in person interview is required.

    Good luck.

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