Reading about the San Bernardino shooters, I came across a news article that said:

The suspected shooters in the San Bernardino massacre… had more than 1,600 rounds of ammunition with them and another 4,500 at their house… Police said they found an eye-popping 2,500 rounds for assault rifles and 2,000 rounds for handguns inside the home in nearby Redlands.”

Several news sources referred to the cache as an “arsenal” or even an “enormous arsenal.”

Again, I’m not condoning terrorism.  In fact, I condemn terrorism in the strongest possible way.

I’m just commenting on the use of the word “arsenal.”

A year ago, I would have looked at 2,500 rounds of rifle ammo and 2,000 rounds of handgun ammo and said (again, condemning terrorism) “that’s a decent start for an emergency preparedness situation.”

Now I look at 2,500 rifle rounds or 2,000 pistol rounds and say “that’s about a workday’s worth of ammo.”

I would hate to read how a journalist would describe the collection I have in my garage.  One man’s “enormous arsenal” is another man’s “I’m running low, next time Cabela’s is having a sale on ammo, I should stock up.” It’s all a matter of perspective.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Matter of perspective”
  1. I recall at one point a big deal being made of how much ammo the Aurora Colorado gunman had accumulated.
    No one seemed to like my assertion that if you don’t have the ammo with you when the fight starts, it really doesn’t count.

  2. You’re lucky – in germany an “arsenal” consists of two airguns, one deactivated AK and maybe a single shot .22 or a rusty Luger.

    And in Britain an “arsenal” consists of two kitchen knifes and a stick :p

  3. Glad someone else had this same thought. I saw the scrawl citing the amount of rounds and was like ‘That’s a lot? What’s the word for what I have?’
    To the brainwashed low information voter bloc, more than a box of ammo is an arsenal…

  4. A good practice session could be anywhere from 200 to 500 rounds. I go into withdrawal if I can’t get to the range once a week.

  5. Something to consider when Progressives are breathlessly talking about the amount of rounds they find in someone’s “arsenal” — to them, that’s the equivalent of potential victims and casualties. There could have been 1600 more victims! And if they got back to their house there could have been 4500 more victims! That’s like 2 percent of the city of San Bernardino!

    Add to that, the concept that, as far as they know, the average gun owning person goes to the range maybe once a year and shoots a magazine’s worth of ammo through their gun, and goes home. Or goes out hunting with his duck gun/deer rifle and fires maybe three or five rounds at most. So, you know, a single box of fifty rounds is probably all the average gun owner has or needs. Why would anyone have more than that?

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