A gun owner asked Bloomberg about his security detail at a Fox News town hall.

Bloomberg’s answer was dripping with the kind of elitist snobbery that hasn’t been seen since the French started separating royalty from their heads.

See, Michael Bloomberg was the Mayor of The Most Important City on Earth or in the Known Universe™ and is worth more money than everyone in that audience put together times at least a hundred thousand, so you are God damned right that he can have all the best guns with the highest capacity magazines protect him, and fuck you peasant for asking about it.

If you want a 15 round mag in your CCW gun, all you have to do is become a billionaire too.

This is what happens when you give up belief in God.  You believe that the value of a soul can be measured by a bank account.  At $69 Billion, Bloomberg must be protected.  Some blue-collar schmuck from Flyover America can get murdered by some punk and even his family would be hard-pressed to give a shit.

I wonder if Michael Bloomberg believes that all the other rights in the Constitution apply to him more than others because he’s super-rich?

Who am I kidding, of course he does.  He’s happy to censor the internet and censored his own news agency.

Your rights are only what you can pay for in Bloomberg’s America.

Also, I’d just like to point out, the NYPD shooting qualifications are “Woefully Inadequate,” so in all likelihood, the guy that asked Bloomberg the question can probably outshoot Bloomberg’s entire security detail.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg makes it clear his money makes his life more valuable than yours”
  1. Wow…. clueless. He does not even realize how clueless he actually is.

    (IANAL warning…)

    First of all, the 2nd Amendment does not give anyone anything. It restricts the government from infringing on the free exercise of the right to self defense against threats, both political and personal.

    Next… The laws. Does this moron really think that the reason why internet, or in person sales are not regulated the same way as FFL sales are because they came after the law was passed??? Is this what NYC elected Mayor three times in a row?

    NEWS FLASH there Bloomie! The reason why sales over the internet, and in person are not regulated the same way FFL sales are regulated is because there is NO FFL involved. The NICS check is requited as part of maintaining your FFL, not because you have a store. If a FFL was to deliver your gun to you at your house, they would still do the NICS check. (Something that is relatively new, by the way)

    No wonder the toddlers that seem to comprise 90% of the left side of the political aisle like this guy. He is wrong, but it sounds good.

    1. It’s not cluelessness. He has nothing but contempt for us. He is one of the reasons I mockingly refer to modern liberals/Dems/leftists (BIRM) as neofeudalists.

      I almost wish he had a chance of becoming the Dem nominee so Trump could eat him alive on network TV.

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