From the New York Times:

Desegregation Plan: Eliminate All Gifted Programs in New York
A group appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed seismic changes to the nation’s largest school system.

Excuse me?  What?

Is that sky-high, Sandinista-loving, communist fuck going to get rid of gifted programs in NYC?

For years, New York City has essentially maintained two parallel public school systems.

A group of selective schools and programs geared to students labeled gifted and talented is filled mostly with white and Asian children. The rest of the system is open to all students and is predominantly black and Hispanic.

Now, a high-level panel appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio is recommending that the city do away with most of these programs in an effort to desegregate the system, which has 1.1 million students and is by far the largest in the country.

Is there any evidence that the kids in the G&T program are there because of racial bias or is this just the result of academic test scores?

Mr. de Blasio, who has staked his mayoralty on reducing inequality, has the power to adopt some or all of the proposals without input from the State Legislature or City Council. If he does, the decision would fundamentally reshape the segregated school system and reverberate in school districts across the country.

Again, is this segregation based on race or just some kids performing better?

Segregation based on performance isn’t racist.

Also, holding smart kids back out of fairness is torture.  I know.

He risks alienating tens of thousands of mostly white and Asian families who rely on the shadow system of gifted programs and selective schools; if a substantial number of those families leave the system, it would be next to impossible to achieve integration.

Of course it will, it will drive the smart kids of wealthy parents to send their kids to private schools, or move out of NYC altogether.

The proposals, contained in a report to be released on Tuesday, may also face opposition from some middle-class black and Hispanic families that have called for more gifted programs in mostly minority neighborhoods as a way to offer students of color more access to high-quality schools.

More G&T for black and Hispanic kids seems like the smarter plan.  But that is less fair to this socialist fuckwit.

Here we find ourself in a situation in which some radical Leftist read a piece of dystopian science fiction literature as a how-to manual instead of a warning.

This time it is Harrison Bergeron from Kurt Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House.

Mayor de Blasio has decided to put Diana Moon Glampers in charge of the NYC school system.

Sure the NYC public schools may achieve the lofty goal of perfect racial equality, but it will be at the expense of mediocrity and crushing the souls of smart kids from families that can’t afford private schools, and making sure the NYC public school system fails to produce future doctors, scientists, business leaders, or other high achieving, highly educated professionals.

But that really is the goal of communism isn’t it.  To grind humanity into a lowest-common-denominator muck, subservient and obsequious to a self-selected elite bureaucracy.

He’s going to start by doing this to the children.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Mayor de Blasio welcomes you to the monkey house”
  1. The real kicker is that when (not if) wealthier white/Asian families start moving on and the program inevitably fails, he will blame them rather than admit his flawed plan. And NY/ progressives will nod in agreement with their lord mayor.

    1. Why do people call this a ‘failed plan”??? It will be totally successful! Get those wretched intelligent, talented white and Asian kids OUT of the system so they no longer make anyone feel less gifted, and replace them with other kids imported from backward, third world countries, And then you can hire teachers from those third world hellholes, for pennies on the dollar. Raise the new slogans for all the NY schools – “Stupidity Is Egalitarian!” and “We All Vote Democrat Here!:”

  2. Anyone, with or without children, that choses to live in New York, New Germany or any of the other communist states deserves what they get. Fuck em’. I’m more in favor of putting up a wall between the east and west coast than worrying about Mexico.

  3. I was in gifted programs and already in the ’80s they were being called “elitist.” Funny, but being first-string on the football team wasn’t called “elitist.”

    1. It’s the old “the worse, the better” ploy.

      In Pre-Revolutionary Russia, Vladimir Lenin said, “the worse, the better.” The worse things got, the greater the chance that Russians Would turn to Marxist revolution.

      Werner Wilhelm (Bill Debasio’s birth name) is a good doctrinaire Communist. Destroy the police, destroy the schools, destroy the economy. Throw in some racial strife and hatred fed by the New York Times. Not good for New York, but great for the Glorious Communist Revolution!!!


      Not my Monkeys, for damned sure, not my Circus!

  4. In my best fake Russian accent: In Soviet Union New York City all peoples equal, equally ignorant, equally poor, equally hungry, equally miserable, unless you commissar.

  5. Sadly they would say that programs based on performance are racist because they disadvantage children of color who live in low income areas and do not have the oppurtunities to perform well because they must contend with constant emotional and mental anguish that is living in disadvantaged and violent neighborhoods and how can you expect a child of color to study when all their thoughts are focused on how to SURVIVE.

    The racist irony of painting with that nice broad brush is must definitely lost on them.

    I suffered kids who only wanted to disrupt frequently in highschool and middle school. To say it was distracting, and annoyance, and took up class time is an understatement.

    I’m no some genius but catering to the lowest common denominator at all times is not right.

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