Tell me the caliber of recruit who will enlist based upon the advice of these two shining paragons of intelligence and responsibility.

It’s now crystal clear that the goal of Obama, Biden, Milley, and Austin was:

Step 1: Purge the military of loyal patriots with critical thinking skills.

Step 2: Fill the ranks with idiots who follow orders for money.

Now ask yourself why one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world would do that.

There are only three possible  conclusions:

1: They was to weaken American fighting forces against peer nations to weaken America.

2: They want a military that won’t question and follow orders when directed against American citizens.

3: Both 1 and 2.

This has to be malicious because nobody with enough brains to graduate from the US Military Academy, Princeton, and various war colleges would prefer these two idiots take the place of battle hardened Navy Seals who quit over vaccine mandates.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “McNamara’s Morons 2.0”
  1. I think it has more to do with self-justification. I’ve seen it a number of times. You have some people who are second rate who get promoted above their competency. They really can’t meet the standards of their job, technically or in terms of ethics and morality.

    Way down deep they know it, but they will do their best to deny it. They dare not promote the values and competency that they do not have, else it demonstrates what they lack. So, the only thing they can do is pretend the old standards are wrong and institute new standards that make them feel like they are first rate. It’s the old Rodney Dangerfield joke “If you want to look skinny, hang out with fat people.”

    It’s happening all over. It’s why we are rejecting objective testing. It’s why why we are denying the concept of a meritocracy. It’s why we are rejecting performance measures of all kinds in all sorts of fields.

    A perfect example is the Progressive attack on the family. There is a ton of literature showing that the traditional nuclear family, and particularly the nuclear family of faith, conveys huge benefits in terms of economics, health, longevity and well-being. And, for better or worse, strong nuclear families are found primarily in certain demographic groups, which helps create inequality.

    So, there are two choices one can make. One can say “Well, we should encourage the traditional nuclear family and faith, so everybody does better.” Or you can say “Well, we need to destroy the nuclear family and discourage faith to remove that advantage.” Guess which choice Progressive society has made. The National Family Research Council has stated that the nuclear family constitutes “family privilege” and is racist. They are working to ” examine, recognize, and learn how to dismantle the manifestations of family privilege in our social systems by using an intersectional framework developed by critical feminist and race scholars.” There’s a reason that destruction of the nuclear family is core principle of Black Lives Matter. A lowering tide sinks all boats.

    Replace “nuclear family” with “military discipline and traditional concepts of honor and service” and you have the same process going on.

    1. I think you’re on something here. A real leader looks for people stronger, better, smarter than himself. A fraud is afraid of such people and tries to get rid of them.

  2. China, Russia, Iran, even North Korea, are training their soldiers and building their militaries to kill Americans. American soldiers are being trained to use the preferred pronouns.and the US military is more focused on hairstyles and flight suits for pregnant women.

    Who’s going to win the next fight?

  3. We are going to lose the next war against anyone that is even close to a “Near Peer Opponent.” Especially any force that can simply compete with us for air supremacy over the battlefield occasionally. We had enough trouble fighting the Taliban with air supremacy and the ability to operate small prop planes and helicopters any where/any time, what happens when an opponent has Armor, Artillery, an Air Force, and Air Defense?

    And afterwards? When the US is defeated and humiliated? Obviously they need to root out those White Supremacist Homophobic Christian Male Influences that lead to our defeat. Germany almost went Communist/Socialist after the 1918 Armistice. They fought a not-so-civil war. A decade and a half later it went Nationalist Socialist after the NASDAP promised vengeance.

  4. Kicking out the meat eaters and bringing in the soi bois is also an important step in How To Lose a Civil War. Replacing actual military leaders with sycophantic lickspittles and politically correct myrmidons likewise.
    As for having some sort of plan, forget it. They honestly don’t. Machiavellian Chessmasters, planning things down to the smallest detail are fictitious.

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