By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “MPD cognitive dissonance”
    1. Indeed. It would be good to say, at every opportunity, that an AR-15 is a light weight modest power rifle, designed specifically to be just barely powerful enough for military use (but not powerful enough for hunting even a deer, never mind anything bigger).

    2. Well, according to a deputy sheriff in South Carolina a few decades back, at night, in a public dump ground, with 6 armed (22 revolvers/rifles, hunting giant rats) sub sailors watching him drive up, a 30-06 is a fucking cannon and the neighbors would appreciate it if we went back to the 22s. LOL
      Nowadays, swat/fbi/state police/army would show up, not one lone deputy. Normal times in history.
      FYI, hunting rats with a flashlight in one hand, shooting with the other hand, will teach you how to use proper gun control.

  1. ummm….somebody esplain to me how MPD “buying back” any weapon, aids Ukraine?



    Or, is this the new “It’s for Duh Chirrun!” incantation?

  2. 1 Trillion Dollars and I will part with 1 Rifle And I’ll toss in 2 Standard Capacity Magazines.
    No More.
    Take it or leave it Nazi Loving MPD.

    Dont matter to me either way.

    OH, thats Tax Free Cash Money by the way.

  3. Just what the Ukrainian Army needs, broke-ass, home-made, “Home Depot Special” slam fire shotguns, a crapload of mixed caliber guns, and WWII souvenirs from granddad’s estate.

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