By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Mean Monday Memes”
  1. Really like the CNN meme.

    I appreciate the “Falling Down” meme, but I hated the movie. Sooo anti-gun. Change my mind. 8>)

    1. GC 3.0…. that’s a .50 cal semi auto rifle that goes for around $30k with the poster claiming he will be sending very expensive, like $50/round, rounds down range.

      All because his gun is bigger than their guns.

      Of course all you need to be effective is a $500 rifle with any sort of sight and a willingness to use it when the time is right.

      1. Ackchyually, the Barrett M82a1 is around $9-10k with a matching NightForce optic for between $1200-2700.

        Raufoss Mk 211 12.7 x 99mm(.50BMG) is around $65 a round.

        I think they are referring to the rest of the equipment listed to get to the $30k number.

    1. At the ranges he was shooting, no sights needed. I was taught in SERE training to not use sights for close in, fast work, use M16 like a shotgun and forget the bead.

      1. In the photos and video of the shootings there is a red dot on Kyle’s rifle.

        When they were showing the rifle in court it had no sights at all. The red dot was missing.

        I’m curious as to why.

  2. The last one seriously makes me sick to my stomach. We have so devolved that we’re willing to sacrifice children to the god Molech. Not sure I spelled that right…but you know what I mean.

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