Mechanical offset refers to the distance between the center bore of the gun’s barrel and the sights or optics you use to aim. This distance is different based on the type of firearm that you are using. With rifles, the sight offset usually sits around one to three inches whereas handguns stay at fractions of an inch.

Or simply


“Never use your car for training”
Mad Ogre.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “Mechanical Offset Illustrated.”
  1. Back when the Outdoor Channel showed “The Best Defense”, Rob Pincus did a lesson on this. It stuck with me. He didn’t shoot off his rear view mirror, though, he shot into the hood.

    1. Common around here just before deer season. Folks go out to sight in the venison getter, rest the rifle over the hood of ye olde pickup, and add a couple of engine compartment vents.

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