Mental Contortions of Gun Control Advocates.

These are comment extracted from Reddit related to the post about the drop in crime in the area near the NRA Annual Meeting:

NRA AM reddit 1

You have to love the adherence to their own prejudices while suddenly doing a 180 on them. One day NRA members are the spawn of the devil and next they are not bad, just their ideas to allow good people be armed as it is their right. And the NRA retirees must share the secret of looking so youthful.

NRA AM reddit 2

NRA are good guys again, it is just the ideas that sacred them. Funny, we call it The Bill of Rights.


NRA AM reddit 3

Yup, they are scared of the Bill of Rights somehow. And if they need to lie and manipulate to make sure those “awful” ideas do not propagate and make people enjoy freedom, they will do so.

So, we are bad, but we aren’t. Get a whole bunch of people with guns will end up bad, but does not so, that’s an exception because they are not bad but their ideas are… How in the hell these idiots don’t end up with a herniated brain  is beyond comprehension.

One Reply to “Mental Contortions of Gun Control Advocates.”

  1. I always wondered how it was possible to hold two opposing views at the same time. Clearly, it is a skill that only the mentally deranged and anti-gun people (but I repeat myself) have.

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