#MeToo: Not a question if they screw up.

If you follow the Hollywood scene, you should remember that not too long ago, Rose McGowan accused Actres and Director Asia Argento of sending naked pictures and then have sex with then 12-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett. The #MeToo movement trying to prove they are equal-opportunity haters, pushed in the cattle car and denounced her evil (if unproven) ways.

Rose McGowan and Asia Argento

Fast Forward about a month and oops! #MyBad comes to play.

Rose McGowan has apologized to Asia Argento.
McGowan issued her mea culpa on Thursday, following a demand from Argento that the actress retract an earlier statement that she knew Argento slept with actor Jimmy Bennett when he was a teen.
“On 27 August I released a statement about Asia Argento, which I now realized contained a number of facts that were not correct,” McGowan’s statement read. “The most serious of these was that I said that the unsolicited nude text messages Asia received from Jimmy Bennett had been sent since Jimmy was 12 years old.”

Damn, after she was raked over coals, tar and feathered, it turns out that maybe she was not a rapist of 12-year-old but may barely be accused of texting a titty pic to a 17-year-old.

.Don’t you love lynching mobs?


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