How do you say “Twinkies” in Spanish?

It’s possible that the Hostess Brands’ iconic goody will be bought by a business south of the border.

Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest bread-baking firm, could be on the short list for acquiring some of the Texas-based Hostess’ foodstuffs, according to Forbes.

via Mexican buyer may say, ‘Si!’ to Twinkies | TribLIVE.

Knowing Mexico’s other famous export products, I’d say stoners in the US should be able to kill two birds with one “cream” filled baked good.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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6 thoughts on “Mexican Twinkies……”
  1. If they do try to kill two birds with one stone, then I wonder if they will fill the Twinkies with a special “crystalline cream” that the DEA would be interested in…

  2. Ola Miguel,

    My ex is Mexican. Before we split about 20 years ago, she asked me to buy some Twinkies at the supermarket. I said to her, are you kidding, Twinkies are garbage. She insisted, so I bought the Twinkies. She ate one and then said, these are not the same as Mexican Twinkies, they are garbage.
    So, just as Coke lovers agree that Mexican Coke is better than American and are willing to pay a premium for imported Coke, I think Americans will soon be importing Mexican Twinkies and loving them even more.
    I advise you to buy stock in the Mexican supplier.

    S Andrew Nicol

  3. Hostess is going to go back to the table with the Baker’s union one last time for mediation. I know what part of the grievance is I suspect. The higher ups are asking the workers to take a pay and bennies cut while at the same time voting a pay raise for themselves…in the middle of a bankruptcy. That one has been all over the place the last few days and if accurate…do the words “duplicitous cocksucking, horsehumping assbags in dire need of a .45 enema” hold any meaning for you?

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