Miami Herald and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Facebook feed and then the article itself.

Evil Orange Man grounds Miami outbound planes because hate!

There has been a couple of accidents with the Boeing 737 Max and unless I am missing something, it is not unusual for the FAA to order the grounding of planes till they clear and fix the issue.

But it is the Era of Trump. …

7 Replies to “Miami Herald and Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  1. It still isn’t entirely clear to me how similar the two crashes are. A Canadian official stated yesterday that they had received “new information [that] morning” showing enough similarities in the flight path that they concluded a grounding was called for.
    That’s the answer to stupid politicians and “reporters” who say “why didn’t the FAA act before? What changed between yesterday and today?” The concept of “we got new data” apparently is too hard for them.
    Anyway, to me the bigger puzzle is in that computer system. Its design has it respond with a change in flight path based on data from a SINGLE sensor. This seems like an obvious design error. It’s not a bug — they did that deliberately. But a safety mechanism that has no redundancy is a contradiction in terms. And in particular a mechanism that overrides the current flight control settings based on the unconfirmed data from a single sensor is quite incomprehensible.
    Boeing is working on a “fix” for that. But it seems they have not been pushing that very hard because they judged it not to be a safety issue. Hm.

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