If you don’t want to hear the whole podcast, go straight to 00:28 12. He summarizes pretty well the importance of John Ross in shaping what we know as Gun Culture today. It is hard for the young generation to understand how much our rights were under attack and what kind of abuses were done in the name of “gun safety” and “preventing gun violence”. Most will know about Waco, possibly Ruby Ridge, but there were many others that never made it to the Big Media Newscasts. Basically, if you owned too many guns (number was never determined) or the “wrong type,” you were considered fair target for abuse, incarceration or elimination.

MICHAELBANE.TV™ ON THE RADIO!: John Ross, R.I.P. (libsyn.com)

There is a shot of Gentleman’s Jim in my future. Probably tonight after work and ahead of the long weekend.

UPDATE: I forgot. If you are too busy or too lazy to listen to the podcast, the great news appears to be that John Ross’ last book “Cold Resolve” is in the hands of the publishers.

And I am getting one no matter what.

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