Michigan State University was swarmed with police, ambulances and fear Monday night as an active shooter situation unfolded, with officials reporting three people dead and five others injured.

The school sent an alert at 8:31 p.m. telling students to “run, hide, fight” with a report of shots fired on the school’s East Lansing campus.

Michigan State shooting: Suspect dead, 3 killed, 5 injured (freep.com)

At the time of his writing (5:40 am), Media has not shared name or any other description of the shooter other than this:

The suspect in the deadly Michigan State campus shooting, who later died at a Lansing location, was a 43-year-old man, Michigan State University Interim Deputy Police Chief Chris Rozman said at a news conference about 1:40 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14.
He was not affiliated with the university, Rozman said. And they don’t know why he came to MSU.

So, they know age and that he was not affiliated with the school which means they know his name and all pertinent details. So, why the lack of information?

Oh yeah…

I believe that is one of those African American White Supremacists you hear about in Twitter and in the Halls of Academia.

UPDATE: The shooter was described as a 43 year old, small in stature. This is Mcrae’s felon info from the Michigan Department of Corrections.

I removed some info for clarity. The link will give you all the information


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10 thoughts on “Michigan State University Shooter will soon disappear from the Media Narrative. (UPDATE)”
  1. For what it’s worth, the emergency alerts that went out to the MSU faculty and students had a description that did list him as black.

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