Not everyone is interested in going on to tik tok. I do, however, highly recommend watching this video.

Mike Rowe is an all around fantastic person. He’s an eagle scout, and entrepreneur, and a huge supporter of getting kids into the trades. I absolutely adore the man and everything he stands for.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 🤣😂

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By hagar

3 thoughts on “Mike Rowe, ladies and gents!”
  1. Ya, I needed that. It’s been one of those days where all one needs to get back on track is Mike Rowe selling some family product and doing another hair razoring good time charity event.

  2. I’m not ashamed to admit I watched the whole thing through to the end. That dude has a hare down thar or somepin’! Damn! good show, sir. I hope he gets his check.

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