Misery begetting misery

Remember everything I said yesterday about a culture of misery that has no respect for children or families, and only serves to spread misery?

It’s like these people go out of their way to prove that I am right.

When your first thought is to call an unborn child a parasite and justify killing it because of the cost of raising it, you add nothing of value or quality to the world.

This is a miserable person, trying to spread misery, using a perversion of logic to justify their their miserable opinion.

7 Replies to “Misery begetting misery”

  1. “Julie” appears to have a transition blog in their profile: “becomingjulie.blogspot.co.uk”, the fact that “Julie” is male makes this post, as well as other posts complaining of “mansplaining,” incredibly ironic.

  2. The use of the term “parasite” is biologically absurd. The scientifically correct term is “symbiote”. The crucial difference is that a parasite harms the host, while a symbiote provides benefits. Benefits that are clear when you listen to women talking about the happiness they experienced in pregnancy, never mind the later benefits of having children who cheer and support your later years.

    1. Yup, for all the accusations of idiocy these people spout they prove themselves to be idiots by the very fact that they have no grasp on the actual meanings or definitions of the words they use. I’m getting really tired of the Left’s bastardization of the word “literally”. The notion that babies eat thier way out of the mother? WTH? If he really believes that then he’s more demented then I would have assumed. And it burns me how they claim babies are “parasites” when the entire Lefty belief system is based on selfishness and consumption at the expense of others while offering nothing of value in return.

  3. Julie is just really, really bitter that she’s never going to be a biological woman, not even if she asks Dorothy for the ruby slippers, clicks her heels, and begs. She’s never going to give birth, or know what it’s really like

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