I guess this story is a few days old, but I had the good fortune to have it miss me until the YouTube algorithm caught up with me.

What the fuck is that?

“This chair will finally teach men to sit.”

What are we, animals?  We have to be forced by some modern-day Iron Chair to sit in a viciously awkward and uncomfortable position at the whims of grievance activists.

This is real by the way, and the designer won an award for it.

Fed up with men who luxuriate in their seating, University of Brighton student Laila Laurel, 23, fashioned a pair of his and hers chairs that challenge the way men and women “command space.”

“I was also hugely inspired by Laura Bates’ Everyday Sexism Project, where I read about the struggles and frustrations of women around the world pertaining to men infringing on their space,” Laurel tells Metro.

Reminiscent of medieval torture devices translated through mid-century style, the sycamore and cherry wood chairs encourage women to spread eagle, while forcing men to knock their knees together.

“In order to achieve gender equality it is imperative to consider many different aspects of sexism,” says Laurel, “and so that is why I thought it would be interesting to try to explore political gendered issues around seating.”

For her manhood-crushing efforts, Laurel was awarded the Belmond Award at New Designs in London.

I work with industrial designers.  They do good work, making consumer products more ergonomic and comfortable to use.  I can respect that.

“I thought it would be interesting to try to explore political gendered issues around seating” is the kind of nonsensical psuedo-intellectual horseshit that makes me want to shut down University programs.

At least the New York Post admits that this is little better than a medieval torture device.

Personally, I’m tired of listening to the annoying utterances of shitty Millenials.

If we’re now giving away awards for imposing 16th century torments on people we don’t like, I want a prize for reinstituting the Scold’s Bridle.

Next time some snowflake starts whining about a couple of cops drinking coffee in a Starbucks, we lock her head in a fucking iron cage.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Modern feminism is bring back the stocks”
  1. “Personally, I’m tired of listening to the annoying utterances of shitty Millenials.”

    Preach brother, preach!

  2. Meh. Turn that chair around backwards and take “manspreading” to whole new heights. Hell, if you sit on it that way, it downright forces you into the comfortable position! I’d classify that as a design flaw.

    Do it just to piss her off.

    1. Besides which, who in their right mind gives an award for “creative design” when some misandrist repackages a bedside table as the most ergonomically-uncomfortable seating device since Quaker church pews? I thought those awards were supposed to encourage developments the other direction.

      Must be a “woke” thing….

      1. That’s the point of feminism. Full “liberation” of women with full constriction of men.
        Just turn the chair around. Feminism defeated.

  3. The designer is unable, or unwilling to consider things beyond her own experiences.

    I wonder if I could get a woke grant for putting a pressure sensor in the scrotum of a strap-on, and wiring it to a stun gun with the leads run to the waistband…

    Probably not, since it’d cause a couple feminists to think of men as human, with reasons for their actions.

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