They implied starting a kerfuffle that got a conservative group denied entry to a restaurant.

They are going to do this again.

What happens when every conservative is unable to go out in public and enjoy life like a second class citizen?

Yeah, they are twisting their dimmer bringing us ever closer to flipping the switch.

Stop it, for the love of God stop it, because we will not take to being drummed out of where we live because we don’t want drag queens in our schools.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Mom group in NC teasing the violence switch”
  1. I have a sister who lives in Raleigh. It is not as woke as all that. Yes, parts of downtown are approaching Seattle/Portland, but the ‘burbs are kind of conservative.
    I will bet the woman who pulled this stunt will not be happy to find out she does not have 100% support from the community.

  2. I pulled the contact information for the restaurant. If you feel strongly about contacting the restaurant please feel free. The person that posted the restaurant contact information did not actually violate the “Don’t be a dick” rule.

    Please don’t dox people.

  3. Two things come to mind. Both old saws, but perhaps worth repeating.
    First, if conservatives were as violence-prone and unhinged as the Left claim they are, then only idiots would get in their faces and scream at them (literally or metaphorically). This also applies, for instance, to the people who go up to open carriers (or “oopsied” concealed carriers) and scream at them that they’re evil, etc.
    Second, about 72 million people in the US (around 22% of the population) own guns, and roughly twice that number have access to guns if they themselves are not owners (source: Some are, undoubtedly, people who shouldn’t own a gun. However, if even a percent of gun owners were the crazed bloodthirsty hair-trigger nutbags the Left claims we are, it would be pretty darned obvious.
    For some reason, many on the Left – like the person in this post – seem bound and determined to up the percentage. To me, that just seems like playing chicken with a bridge abutment when you’re driving a Pinto.

    1. “To me, that just seems like playing chicken with a bridge abutment when you’re driving a Pinto.”
      Error there.
      Corrected version:
      “To me, that just seems like playing chicken with a bridge abutment when you’re driving a Pinto in reverse.”
      Glad to help.

    2. If conservatives were as violence prone as the libtardians say we are, there wouldn’t be many libtardians left. Probably be an endangered species, with a bounty on their ears.

  4. 1) Katherine 4 justice is going to be doxxed. Sure as sunrise coming. You could get odds on it in Vegas.
    2) Then, dollars to donuts, she’s either go to have to change time zones, or she’s going to get her ticket punched.

    Not gonna be so funny when her cunning plan explodes in her own face, but she’s going to get a lot wiser in short order. Hope she can take a punch better than Moldylocks did. Big Boy Rules going into effect. She’s not going to enjoy the world she’s creating.

    1. And when she is doxed someplace else, she will scream to a willing press about all the death threats she receives.

      There are times when I really wish I could see or hear some of these death threats that all these liberals claim the receive. Given that I’ve seen people accused of making death threats with the comment “Then you be the first person in the stack”. or “If you want them, come and take them.” All of which fail to meet the definition of “threat” but which are reported as threats.

      1. And?

        No, seriously. So what? They will scream anyways. The press will print anything, regardless of veracity.

        They hate us anyways. I don’t see any reason to turn the cheek here.

        1. And that, Toastrider, is exactly the attitude the Left seem to be trying to generate.
          Not that I blame you; I’ve felt more and more like that ever since Obama was elected.

        2. Even Jesus was violent when violence was called for, remember the moneychangers in the temple and the admonition to sell their cloaks and buy swords.

        3. There is no “And?” When she is doxed she will claim she is getting death threats. She will complain to the media who will have a huge headline “Brave Person With Womb Receives Death Threats From Evil White Supremacists”

          The story will be how brave and beautiful she is for standing up to those horrible evil conservative women and how violent conservatives are.

          This is just what will happen.

          This is a tool that the left uses to silence dissent. If you say “no” to anything they want you are being violent and should just shut up.

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