Earlier today I posted this video:


Here is a still of one of those students:


That kid looks so happy to have his mask off.

Now we see him with his mother:


Now the boy claims he felt pressured to take it off and didn’t want to.

Yeah… bullshit.

The only pressure is from mom taking this and making herself into a victim.

How much do you want to bet she’s going to (if she hasn’t already) set up a Go Fund Me and is in contact with activist lawyers and try to mill this for money and fame abetted by the DeSantis hating media.

What a shit show.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Mom is looking to cash in on 15 min of fame”
  1. The FL equivalent of ‘mean tweets’. He used a harsh tone.

    Basically the kids were likely told to wear masks by some school authority knowing it would likely either make Desantis look bad w/ them wearing them or he would say something. The fact that most of the kids yanked them off faster than you can blink left them scurrying for some sort of spin to attack him.

  2. I almost said this yesterday but held my … tongue? hands? Anyway…

    What I would have really liked DeSantis to say would have been something like, “Don’t take my word for it. You guys have a world class medical school and cancer clinic right here on this campus. Go ask for some real scientific studies that show masks are effective against respiratory viruses. And since no one study proves anything, get as many as you can.”

    Better yet, go look up how a biohazard level IV lab that works on viruses approaches masks.

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