Moms Demand Teaches “Gun Safety” by Violating The Four Rules. And then gets interesting.

Help me out here. I trained years ago as IDPA Safety Officer and then as NRA Certified Safety Officer and then NRA Instructor who did the Home Firearm Safety Course module. Maybe I missed that part of the training in all those instances, but I do not seem to recall the part where you get to grab a gun by the muzzle! Holy fucking instructional chicanery, Batman!

But wait, there is more. Did you notice the Powerpoint presentation with the Gun Safety Rules?

Click to enlarge

If you pay a bit of attention to the small print, you will discover something funny.

Are they using info retrieved from the National Sports Shooting Foundation, an organization they vilified so much for selling “evil assault rifles” that only the NRA is higher in the list of venomous propaganda?

I should be mad (and I am a bit) but it also is great proof that Moms Demand, as much as they call themselves a “Gun Safety Organization” have not created anything substantial other than buying legislators to push Gun Control and if they are pushed into providing actual teaching classes on Gun Safety, they must rely on “the enemy.”

And still, they screw it up.


4 Replies to “Moms Demand Teaches “Gun Safety” by Violating The Four Rules. And then gets interesting.”

  1. Betcha a dollar both those women have “I’m Ready for Hillary”, “I Stand With Planned Parenthood”, and possibly “Coexist” stickers on the backs of their Subaru’s.

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