By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Monday Memes”
  1. My face is a lot more angry looking, much deeper frown, when I see those blue state plates around here in Texas.

    Friggin locusts make me sick.

    I was up in Plano the other day. They are getting california-ized. Every small section of property has apartments being built. It’ll be Long-beach without the beach within a decade.

    1. It’s been disgusting watching the process as a resident of Plano. What’s more distressing is that my neighborhood is ~45 years old. As the original owners age into assisted living or other arrangements, houses get bought for rental units. And HUD has been busy with Section 8 vouchers doing to older neighborhoods of Plano what it helped do to Memphis. Crime is metastasizing. Last year, a house across the street was sprayed with gunfire by a drug dealer who’d apparently been using his own product because it wasn’t even a drive-by shooting. The 17-year old shooter walked over just after dawn, and was seen and identified by neighbors. He suspected the family in the house of calling the cops on him. Both families were from Oak Cliff. One fairly good and seemed to be trying to be upwardly mobile, the other was the worst sort of ghetto gangsta culture.

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