We had family come and visit for the holiday week.

We went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The downtown area is nicely walkable with small businesses that cater to tourists.

What a fucking Leftist place that is.

Half the businesses there had an assortment pf Pride flags, signs that said “we support LGBT artists,” and “trans people belong here.”

I kept my mouth shut.

One store took it to the next level.

On top of the plethora of Pride flags, they had a sticker with the likeness of President Ronald Reagan with the caption, “It’s me, I’m the problem.”


I left, I made no bones about my departure.

But here is ultimately what pisses me off.

My entire life I heard how Reagan’s treatment of the Aids crisis in the 80s was a disaster and cost lives.

Then, in 2022 we had the Monkeypox epidemic.

The Monkeypox epidemic vindicated Reagan.

It didn’t matter how much warning was given about Monkeypox, the gay community kept engaging in large scale, anonymous, fucking and sucking, and Monkeypox spread like a campfire in a California forest.

We were told it was outright homophobic to expect the gays to take a pause from their bath house and sex club fuck and suck fest to slow the spread.

We had to locked down for COVID, but the gays had a natural right to fuck and suck whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted, in a big fucking pile at every Pride fest in the country, and we were the bigots for noticing that those events led to Monkeypox outbreaks.

The only conclusion that I can come to is that I didn’t matter what Reagan did in the 80s.

He and C. Everett Koop could have handled written a personalized warning to each and every gay man in the country, and they still would have gone to the bath houses and gay porn theaters and fucked and sucked the Aids epidemic into existence.

It’s not Reagan that’s the problem, it’s the insatiable sexual degeneracy of gay community that’s the problem.

Monkeypox proved it.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Monkeypox vindicated Reagan”
  1. And look how fast it dropped out of the news when they couldn’t maintain the narrative.

    And to tie the time period in… The anti-gunner’s favorite SCOTUS judge, Warren Burger, had this to say” “To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.”

  2. If liberals like it, its bad for the Country… if liberals hate it, its great for the Country. Mr J, welcome to the northeast. Especially the “coast”. Greedy people have inflated real estate on the coast to insane levels and liberals suk it up like free air. Some how the northeast has become the liberal mecca and they are flocking here. Been going on for years. I call it a target rich environment.. theres still lots of us knuckle draggers here

  3. I recall learning about AIDS in nursing school, but I’m having a memory burp.

    We learned that, between male homosexuals and IV drug abusers, one group was willing to modify their behavior and one wasn’t. I can’t remember which one did which! Sad.

    I _think_ that the gays were willing to use condoms, but the druggies had to continue the bonding ritual sharing of needles. OTOH, I could have this backwards!

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