Asians in Blue areas, I’ll tell you the sane thing I keep telling Jews.

The Left hates you and only pretends to care about you when they can use violence against you as a brickbat against white people on the Right.

For your own sake and self preservation, give up on the Left, leave Blue areas, move to Red states, become conservative, and buy and carry a gun for self defense.

It’s the only sustainable future you have.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “More anti-Asian violence that nobody on the Left cares about”
  1. You’re right, but incomplete. People need training, too. Otherwise, that gun is just a talisman, like carrying a crucifix to ward off vampires. Except actively dangerous; if it wasn’t dangerous it couldn’t be useful. See The Tactical Professor for guidance.

    1. @Jack: While I support training for more effective firearm use, it seems that plenty of regular folks manage to use firearms to defend themselves without expensive, time-intensive classes. Just sayin’.

      1. From what I see with most new gun owners and newly awakened people looking for self-defense help, the majority of the training should be about Situational Awareness and knowing when and how to react. Gun handling comes in 2nd, except for safety.

  2. Just like w/ Jews, whenever the msm publishes an article about the ‘rise in crime against…’ they don’t show any demographic statistics but either imply, or directly blame, ‘white supremacists’ and Trump.

    Almost as if they’re pushing an agenda.

  3. I’m not going to assume anything about the attacker, but I will note that if recent history is any guide, it’s probably not a white Christian Trump supporter.

    P.S. to Asians in Blue areas: The Democrat Party is the party that put Japanese-Americans in concentration camps (they called it “internment”, but it’s not substantively different) and are getting your kids rejected from universities by lumping you in with white people for the purposes of admission quotas. On top of that, they’re letting the people who violently attack and rob you go free, often without charges and nearly always without bail, because their skin tone is preferred over yours.

    In short: Democrats are not your friends. They will turn on you as soon as it’s politically convenient to do so.

    Consider yourselves forewarned.

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