Trump lost, Biden won.

We’ve been told unequivocally that Biden got the most votes of any presidential candidate ever.

So why this.

Why go after the loser?

Because we’re a banana republic.

The Republicans must learn that they are now the designated losers who only play a role in the political theater that our elections are still free and fair.

This is how Biden secures his reelection.  By going straight to the electoral college and fixing that.

He’s already made it clear that and Democrat losses in 2022 will be challenged as illegitimate.  The DOJ is just fortifying the electoral college for 2024.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “More banana republic type stuff”
  1. They know that Biden didn’t win. They also know that his numbers are in the toilet. In order to hold on to power, the Democrats will have to use every tool at their disposal. One of those tools is to declare that Trump, along with other Republicans in power, engaged in an insurrection. This will allow them to invoke section 3 of the 14th Amendment and lock them out of office.
    They are using every tool they have: this, stuffing the ballot box, the courts, the FBI creating fake investigations, etc. This is scorched earth politics. There are no limits any longer, apart from whatever you can get away with. With the media in their pockets, the things that the Democrats can’t get away with is very, very short.

  2. They’re going after the loser to make sure he can’t run again in 2024. Everything else (voting rights, electoral college, etc) are just tools to ensure they win. All the while conditioning the public with rhetoric that any loss by the Dems amounts to fraud and voter suppression by the Repubs. The midterms are the trial run for the latest playbook, then they will have 2 additional years to perfect it for the Pres election.

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