This is a Tweet from a professor of Economics at the University of Utah.

Because the Jews have a nation and self-determination in our ancestral homeland in a little strip of land between the eastern edge of the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan River, his life is in danger in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And that is because the Israeli Defense Forces are supporting white supremacists, who do and have hated the Jews, to engage in violence in the United States, which is Israel’s oldest ally.

I think this Tweet makes even less sense than David Hogg’s Tweet about non-binary LGBTQ indigenous women gun control activists.

There is a reason for that, Hogg only learned his bullshit at Harvard.

Econ Marshall here learned his bullshit at the University of Oxford, the finest academic institution on the planet.

This is really nothing but paranoid antisemitism, but given that it comes from a professor, it’s given the patina of respectability and not the lunatic ravings of someone who if you replaced the Leftist boogieman of “white supremacy and fascist” with “black” could easily pass for a Neo-Nazi.

I think the lesson we are learning is the more prestigious the eduction, the less their opinions are based on facts and the more their opinion are based on prejudice and hypoxia due to having their heads up their own asses.

I long for the day when someone with a degree from an elite university stands up and says something and the rest of society says in unison “sit down and shut up, you fucking ignorant moron.”

The world will be a far better day when that happens.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “More campus antisemitism, paranoia in Utah edition”
  1. The description that comes to mind is “mentally defective”. One wonders if his colleagues are aware just how dysfunctional this character is.
    You can get some additional clues by looking at the titles of the courses he’s teaching, or what he has listed under “research” (just one paper, even for an assistant prof probably fresh out of college that’s pretty feeble).

  2. Come on y all! You know if we get rid of all the jews and Trump the whole world will be like a Disney movie!! (Sarcasm). Have you seen the bloomberg ads where all the bad weather is Trumps fault??? And WE’RE the stupid ones…..

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