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EXCLUSIVE: Heartbroken fiancée of dad murdered on his doorstep says attackers beat him as he lay unconscious on the ground and then told his 12-year-old ‘sorry, call 911’ before fleeing – with blood stain still visible on sidewalk

Tracy Karopchinsky, 44, described how Christopher Wright, 43, was killed on his doorstep by five bullies after being dragged into a fight that started at Brooklyn Park Middle School and moved to his house in Anne Arundel County.

The attackers – comprising of three teenagers and two adults – continued to punch Wright, who was already unconscious and bleeding out, before they fled the scene. They told his 12-year-old son: ‘I’m sorry, call 911.’

Remnants of Wright’s blood still stained the ground outside their home.

Their son Trenton, 14, got into conflict with another teen at the school on Friday, before three adolescents and two adults showed up at her Maryland home.

Her fiancé, who was a stay at home dad, told the group their son would not be fighting, to which they are said to have replied: ‘If he’s not going to fight, then you’re going to fight us.’

Wright was then horrifically beaten by the group and had his head repeatedly slammed against the concrete outside his home as his 12-year-old son watched.

‘According to one of my sons, he looked over and seen his Dad was laying on the ground and not moving and the guy was still fighting him and hitting him as Chris lay there.

‘Then he heard him [the attacker] say “Oh my god he is bleeding”, he handed my son Chris’ necklaces that had somehow come off and said, “I am sorry, call 911”.

‘My youngest son came out screaming and they got into their car and left.’

First point to note, fist fights are deadly.  Neither the attackers or the victim expected this to end in a murder.  Society doesn’t take unarmed fights seriously, probably because we are used to depictions in movies whete people get beat up and are fine five minutes later.  In real life, they result in fatal brain damage.

Wright’s son Trenton had been in multiple fights at school before the group tried to approach him at home. He was suspended from school on Monday following a separate fight.

One of the fights, which occurred on Wednesday, was over $30. A kid, who was not related to the fatal attack, is said to have come up to Trenton at school and said: ‘I stole $30 from your girlfriend.’

The 14-year-old boy then tried to get the $30 back, and hit the teenager.

On Friday, when he went back to school, he was being harassed by a group of teens, who were some of those who turned up on his doorstep.

Second point, the son is clearly the victim of persistent bullying and harassment.  The bullies wanted to finish at his home what they didn’t at his school.

Recalling the hours before the horror, Karopchinsky told ‘My son went to school, Chris had to reinstate him as he had been suspended for something different. He was involved in multiple fights throughout the day, somebody came into his classroom to fight, and a teacher had to pull the kid off him.

‘He made it through, came home, went upstairs to tell his older brother what was happening throughout the day. They heard voices outside from their bedroom upstairs and the boys were outside, these were my son’s friends prior to the incident.

‘Their dad went inside and said your friends are here, he told them these aren’t my friends. Chris came outside, he told them he is not coming out to fight you. They said if he doesn’t come out, we are coming inside the house and we are going to fight them in there.

‘Chris told them he is not coming out and you are not coming into my house. Then they said well you are going to fight.

‘They started to fight, and the end result was Chris was not walking away.’

Note the part in bold.

Wright and his son were safe inside and the bullies, teenagers and adults, threated to forcefully enter the home and beat up the boy.

I would have been standing behind my front door with a shotgun, waving at them through the glass, talking to the cops on speaker phone.

I don’t think that in even the most progressive jurisdictions in the US, you will get prosecuted for shooting a group of people who state on your security camera that they want to break into your house to beat your child.

Let them break your perimeter and thereby justify dealing with the bullies with buckshot.

Wright, I honestly believe thought that he was doing the noble thing, but stepped out into being the victim of a murder.

Don’t break your perimeter, make your attackers break your perimeter, and prepare to repel borders.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “More details on the Maryland broken perimeter murder”
  1. I had a similar situation when I was in HS. About a half dozen or so would surround me then one of them would jump me. If I started ‘winning’, I would get hit from behind. The school did nothing until one night at a chorus event, I happened to sit next the president of the school board (I didn’t know who she was at the time) and she got very concerned about the bruises on my face. When I told her what was going on, she got very upset. Turned out she was also acquainted w/ my mother. Next day ALL the teachers/staff were in the hallways in between classes and the next time I got jumped, the ones that did it got suspended for multiple weeks. To this day I have a vivid memory of them crying when they were told. Never got bothered again after that.

  2. Lots of us got bullied in school. I cured it by picking up a 2×2 stake that was in the principal’s office(why it was who knows) and beating his desk while telling the assistant principal if the shit don’t stop, I will bring my aluminum bat to school and beat the bullies to death…..and “son of a bitch” it stopped. Liberals luv to persicuit the victim of bullying..

    1. Back in my day, and anecdotally in more recent years, there are effectively licensed school bullies about whom nothing is ever done. A victim who fights back against the bullies, though, will find himself in a heap o’ trouble.

  3. Animals. They didn’t want a fair fight they wanted a beating/death. Fine Stack the wire and man the guns you hooligans. T&E is already set.

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