From a CNN article on the Colorado Springs gay nightclub shooting.

Gov. Jared Polis ordered flags lowered to half-staff at all public buildings statewide to honor the victims of the mass shooting beginning Monday until Saturday, according to a news release from his office.

“Flags will be lowered for 5 days to remember each of the 5 individuals who lost their lives in this senseless tragedy,” the release read. “To further honor and remember the victims and those injured in this tragedy, the Polis-Primavera administration will also be flying the Pride flag at the Colorado state capitol for the next five days.”

After multiple Synagogue shootings, did any governor order Star of David flags flown?

Of course not.

Even if they did, the Left would sue the fuck out of them foe First Amendment violations.

Did any other group that was a victim of a tragedy get their flag flown?

Only Pride gets their flag flown.

That is a de facto state religion.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “More evidence that Pride is the de facto state religion”
  1. The real “tragedy “ is that every one of these is preventable by simple ideas…and shutting media the F up is the first step… did yall hear about the 4 college students found stabbed to death last week? Crickets…

  2. While I do not agree, there is another factor at play.
    If the Governors do not make a huge production about a LGBTQWERTY+whatever happening, the backlash will be enormous. If they ignore a shooting at a Synagogue, Church, or any other religious building (with one exception) they will not get any backlash.
    (Extra points if you can guess which religious institution will get the same recognition as the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER++++ crowd,)

      1. Everyone needs to heed that advice.
        The only thing that is giving these crybullies power is how quickly the population at large succumbs to their demands…

    1. “(Extra points if you can guess which religious institution will get the same recognition as the LGBTQWERTYWHATEVER++++ crowd,)”

      Based on the Orlando Pulse shooting by a right wing, homophobic, Trump supporting, white supremacist who incidentally happened to pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ… loving ISIS, I’m guessing Moooselimb.

  3. “…that Pride is the de facto state religion”.

    I would suggest that Wokeism™ is the religion. Pride* is sect.

    *Oh, what happened to the parties that insisted that homosexuality is _not_ a choice: it is hard-wired? Thus there would be nothing about which to feel “pride”.

    I would not be proud of my brown eyes–I was born that way.

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