If you don’t know who Adam Baldwin is, shame on you.

For me, I’m hard-pressed to name my favorite Adam Baldwin character.  Animal Mother was awesome, I’m a big Firefly fan, and although The Last Ship was hit or miss on the plot of the seasons, Slattery was a great character.

He’s also one of the few open conservatives in Hollywood that continues to see work on film and TV.  You should check out his Twitter feed sometime.

Fred Guttenberg, on the other hand, is a real piece of shit.  I feel bad for him, his daughter Jamie was killed at Parkland.  He is suffering from some sort of trauma, but he has turned it into hatred of the NRA and gun owners.  He was even a defender of Scot Israel for some time until the evidence became overwhelming that he was a complete fuck up.

Recently, this happened on Twitter:


So anti-gun, anti-NRA, raging Liberal Fred Guttenberg – who lives in Florida – wants to Red Flag actor Adam Baldwin – who lives in California – because of a political disagreement using some deleted Tweets as evidence of mental instability.

And they swear up and down on a stack of Planned Parenthood pamphlets (what I suspect the Left uses as bibles) that anybody who believes that Red Flag laws are going to be abused is just a paranoid Conservative who doesn’t really want to protect the children.

Is it any wonder we don’t believe them?

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “More evidence that Red Flag laws are going to be abused”
  1. If Red Flag laws are enacted, they won’t just be abused, they’ll be used as weapons by both sides. And even if a particular talking head in Hollywood or DC doesn’t carry themselves, I can’t imagine it would be that hard to get the identities of their security detail and red flag them.

    Imagine all of Jim Carrey’s armed guards suddenly getting red-flagged.

  2. So deleting Tweets is now an irrefutable sign of mental illness?

    Somebody start a list of every liberal or anti-gunner (but I repeat myself) who’s deleted a Tweet or Facebook post after getting thrashed in comments. Sounds like they all need to be Red Flagged.

    Also, what’s the system supposed to do when the party raising the Red Flag has outstanding Red Flags themselves? I know the people pushing for Red Flags don’t think much of due process, but do any of the proposals account for that?

    If Red Flags are going to be weaponized, I’m starting to think “pre-emptive strike” might end up being a valid defense.

    1. Just to be clear, because re-reading my comment it might be misconstrued: by “pre-emptive strike” I mean this: if you know anyone who might make a Red Flag complaint against you, make one against them first. The criminal justice system has a long tradition of assuming whoever makes the first report is the “victim”. Better to be assumed the victim than have to prove otherwise.

      Y’know, if they’re going to be used as weapons….

  3. You all make a fatal assumption. No red flag law will ever be applied to a prominent person, let alone one on the “correct” side even if they actually need it.

    They’ll be reserved for the regular people.

    Also which mass shooting could have been averted with a red flag law that couldn’t have been stopped without one? From what I recall just about every one had enough actionable information/things happening before hand, known by someone with an ability to take action on that information.

    I think the problem is that is a drastic measure so no one wants to take it and be held personally responsible if they are found to be wrong. I think these red flag laws are just a way to lower the bar and remove responsibility if you are wrong amongst all the other reasons.

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