The Republicans have set up posters as props at today’s hearing with quotes indicating that the impeachment process is a legalistic coup.

This was one of the replies from an impeachment supporter:

Why address the Republican’s evidence with debate and counterevidence when you can use vandalism, intimidation, and violence?

If the Republicans put up too much resistance to this kangaroo Star Chamber court, just turn the violence knob up a bit until they are quite and the Left can proceed with their prejudged show trial.

It worked before in Germany, the Soviet Union, and Cuba.  Why not try it in the USA?

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “More evidence the impeachment hearing is a sham and people know it”
  1. I don’t want this country to fall apart. I don’t want unrest, war, violence. I want to live a peaceful life and be left alone to spend time with my friends and loved ones. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. But I don’t see a peaceful way forward for America. How do things get better? I can’t see how. The left is insane and dangerous. They aren’t going to change.

    1. They will not willingly change. And, really, why should they? What they’re doing is working, or so they believe.

  2. Of course the left thinks they are on the correct side of history. Turn on a TV, look at a news paper, browse the internet. There are a hundred articles about how Trump is a criminal, and his election/Presidency is illegitimate for every article that actually questions that premise. These people think they are right because no one actually challenges that assertion.

    It reminds me of that kid in grade school that could not comprehend that he did not get A+++s on everything. He is (according to his parents) the smartest kid in the class.

    How is antifa, Schiff, the NYT/WaPo any different than that spoiled brat?

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