From The Hill:

Katie Hill to publish memoir ‘She Will Rise’

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif.) is writing a memoir, titled “She Will Rise,” that will recount the struggles and ultimately the scandal that pushed the freshman representative to resign from Congress late last year.

Hill resigned after being in office less than 10 months after nude photos of her were released online without her consent and allegations that she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with one of her staffers led the House to open an ethics probe.

Before she resigned, Hill gave an impassioned speech on the House floor which quickly went viral.

Hill’s book, scheduled to hit shelves Aug. 18, is being published by Neon Literary, a new publishing company that was just started in December, according to The New York Times.

Hill told the Times that she wants her book to serve as an example to women that they can own their mistakes and still come back from them.

Katie Hill is 32 years old.  She was an executive for a non-profit that was supposed to provide supportive services for the homeless in LA.

That organization did a terrible job of taking care of the homeless, but a great job at lining the homeless services’ executives’ pockets and giving Hill a platform to run for Congress.

After 10 months, she was forced to resign after it came out that she had a sexual affair with a paid staffer, possibly a sexual affair with another paid staffer, and that she used campaign funds to pay him a bonus.

This precipitated a House Ethics Committee investigation, causing Hill to resign her seat.

She then went on a speaking tour to explain how the reason she had to step down in disgrace wasn’t that she violated multiple house rules on both sexual conduct and proper use of campaign funds, but anti-bisexual bigotry.

Now she has a book deal.

I wonder how much she is being paid for her book.

For that matter, I wonder what she has accomplished that is worthy of a book.

I think the answers to my questions are: too much and not enough.

I doubt the book will be a big seller in actual numbers, but it will probably get loud support from the #Resistance.

I see this as nothing but another Democrat failing upwards.  A Left-leaning publisher is going to lose money but is happy to do it to bankroll someone in the #Resistance.  No different than the $600,000 sinecure Chelsea Clinton got at NBC or the $9 million sinecures she had on various corporate boards.

When you are a Democrat who said the right things and has the right connections, there is no limit to the success you can achieve by failing.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “More failing upward”
  1. This will probably vanish without a peep- it’s an election year, and there’s enough shenanigans going on right now to steal her thunder and suck up any oxygen.
    Wile proper leftist positions are a good start in the Democratic party, you still need to have money, power, money, influence, more money, and money to really make it.
    Dear Katie should had taken a page from Omar’s book, and done nothing. By quitting, she showed herself to be a loser, and who wants to be tied to a loser? We’ll see where this goes.

    As for Chelsea, she’s basically been Bill & Hillary’s bagman since they left the White House- a fairly standard arrangement for the spawn of politicians.

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