The attitude of Portland seems to be that if you are a Leftist and you don’t like the law, you have free reign to break it at will without consequence.

We’ve seen this when the mayor allowed Antifa to go unmolested by police as they took over the streets of the city.

Now, we are seeing it from Portland Senator Ron Wyden.

Yes, I know that Wyden is a Democratic Senator from Oregon, but clearly, his heart resides in Portland.  Before he was Senator he was the Congressman from Oregon’s 3rd District, which includes most of Portland.

He decided to travel down to Mexico and engage in some human trafficking.

This is the kind of ridiculous shit that shows how insane the Left has become.

Portland is in the middle of a homelessness crisis, driven by opioid addiction.

It is so bad that the city has to have squads that go around picking up needles and power-washing human shit off city streets.

Did Senator Wyden find one homeless Oregonian having a medical crisis and drive him to a hospital?

Did Senator Wyden find one poor Oregonian woman with pregnancy complications that needed to go to the hospital?

No, because fuck American citizens the Donor class American Left don’t give a shit about them.

He has to find some foreign national to transport across the border and make the American taxpayer foot the bill for her healthcare.

To be clear, this is pure human trafficking.  I’ve read the US Constitution and nowhere does it give a US Senator the authority to do this.  I have a feeling that the only reason Border Patrol let him in is that they didn’t want to be caught on camera detaining a sitting Senator.

Which, frankly, is what should happen.

This is one of those moments where I want Trump to be maximum “don’t give a fuck Trump,” but I know he won’t be, and that’s disappointing.

ICE should go to Senator Wyden’s office and drag that piece of shit out in handcuffs for human smuggling.  But they won’t.

And the radical Portland Left will once again learn that they are free to break every law that they disagree with.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “More high level Portland lawlessness”
  1. I like imagining the alternate reality where they let him through because he was recording the evidence that they would later use at his trial.

  2. Has the time come for REAL Americans to band together and all move to a couple states and bodily throw liberal retards out of that state, take it over and Then declare it an American sanctuary state where CITIZENS can live like we used to?? Stupid is as stupid does, didnt another dumacrat do the same thing but got busted for it???

  3. I love the city of Portland, having moved here just shy of five years ago. The vast majority of people here are actually pretty down-to-earth, blue collar, regular folks… Sure, they’re overwhelmingly Democrats (at least in the three counties that make up Portland and it’s immediate neighbors) but it’s that old school “Look for the Union Label” sort of Democrat.

    The super hardcore, extremist Socialists are a very small minority… Unfortunately, they have basically overrun the local party organizations, lead all the “community” groups, and have pretty much taken over the municipal governments of Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, and Salem.

    Given that approximately 50% of Oregon’s population lives in those four cities and the other 50% of the population is spread out across the entire rest of the state… A few hundred dedicated Socialist voters and the couple dozen Socialist politicians they put into office can dictate terms to the rest of us.

    It’s the 55 Californian electoral votes problem in microcosm.

    1. It also illustrates the principle that a few bad apples can spoil the bushel.

      I’ve always been amazed at just how thoroughly and quickly a relativeoy small number of people can distort and abuse a much larger organization if they’re motivated to do so.

      Then again … Such a small fraction couldn’t dominate the area, if enough other people are willing to stand up against them. Most people just aren’t that motivated. This isn’t a criticism, btw, but an observation I see played out across many social length scales. Many if not most people have lives and just want to get on with them. And I admit to being part of the problem much of the time locally … I don’t like our county council one bit but I’ve never run for it and can’t remember the last time I went to a meeting.

      1. Bring me one-hundred dedicated libertarian-minded activists willing to play the long game and a winning PowerBall ticket. I could flip Oregon to the red column.

        This state has a very strong “Leave Me Alone” streak buried in its DNA. One of the main reasons that the national-races don’t see much enthusiasm for GOP candidates in the Non-Portlandia parts of this state is that the national-races generally don’t see a lot of “Leave Me Alone” candidates. Which creates a massive ‘enthusiasm gap’ between the two parties.

        1. I keep saying, when Mo Brooks decides not to run again (there is no way he is getting unseated in a challenge) I’m going to run to fill his seat.

          “Leave me alone” is a core tenant of my political and economic philosophy.

          I’m like a cross between Milton Friedman and Clint Smith, just with more hair.

  4. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and his team helps a pregnant women with potentially fatal health complications get into US

    “A pregnant women [sic] with potentially fatal health complications” is a redundant term. Pregnancy is a “potentially fatal health complication” by itself; even in first world nations, women still occasionally die in childbirth.

    I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt that this woman Sen. Wyden trafficked across the border had other health complications, in addition to being pregnant, but I can’t rule out — and wouldn’t be surprised — that he and the reporter might be exaggerating (without technically lying) to score a political point…

    … and import one (or two) more future Democrat voter(s).

  5. Oregon is such a beautiful state, it’s heart breaking to see things mismanaged so badly because of liberals in Portland.

    It increasingly reminds me of my beloved NY…..

  6. Anyone think it would be easier to prosecute AFTER letting him get away with the crime and posting video evidence publicly?

  7. How do you worry so much about undocumented immigrants when you don’t even have the funding or resources to handle American citizens and a growing Health crisis in your city?

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