Miguel and I covered how Smash Racism DC harassed Ted and Heidi Cruz out of an Italian restaurant in DC the other  night.

Cruz’s electoral opponent, Beto O’Rourke, acted like a decent human being on Twitter in response.

Beto is an anti-gun jagoff who wants to try and ban AR-15’s, but I have to give credit where credit is deserved.

He’s Lefty supporters turned on him.

Harassment is justified if it helps you win, a.k.a., the ends justify the means.

“I don’t fully understand policy, the law, or the situation, but I’m mad about it so I’m going to harass a public official whenever he is in public.”

Physical harm?  Financial distress?  This is in the logic of “everything that hurts my feelings is violence” we saw from the college campus protests.

Let me be clear here: not taking care of people cradle to grave is not physical harm and financial distress.

But what we saw at the restaurant was more than rudeness.  There where threats in between the nonsensical mantra of “we believe survivors.”

“I support terrorism.  If he doesn’t do what I want him to, I’m going to make him suffer.”


“Cruz’s policies hurt my feelings so it’s okay to scream in his face, scare his wife, and threaten to hurt him.”

“Kill the conservative.”

This is all the logic of terrorists.  They disagree with policies Cruz supports, sometimes those policies even hurt their feelings.  So they thing it is justified to intimidate and threaten Cruz and his wife.

They twist facts and logic to justify their hatred and blood lust.

There is absolutely nothing that separates these people morally from the Brown Shirts or Black Shirts or any other group of totalitarian thugs.

They are happy to use violence to get their way.

Right now they are just screaming and threatening.

Steve Scalize was shot on a baseball diamond.

What happens when one of these assholes, decides to bring a gun or a knife with them just in case Cruz or some other Republican calmly walks away instead of capitulating to their demands?



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “More Leftist terrorism support – Beto edition”
  1. “Democrats have been nice for too long”… WTF?

    If nice is defined as not assassinating the people that offend you, I can agree, although one guy tried that, too.

    I think by any normal definition of nice that guy is full tilt crazy.

    1. I can’t think of more than a couple year stretch where the left were ‘nice’ going back to the civil war. You’ve got KKK, lynching, internment of huge numbers of people based on country of origin, riots, rioting at their own political convention, attacking their own candidates for not going far enough, bombings, and eco terrorism.

  2. beto is a democommunist gun grabber, not to mention, he is lightweight with 0 qualifications.

    He did play in a punk band, for whatever that’s worth.

    Cruz is a born canadian (his father, the pastor knew Lee Harvey Oswald) he should never had been allowed to run for office in the country of Texas.

    1. His mother is an American citizen. He moved to Texas with his parents at 4 years old and got elected to the Senate in 2013. I’m pretty sure that after 39 years, he’s earned his spurs as a Texan.

      This is America, where if you come here legally and work hard, you can be just about anything you want to be. Even a Texan.

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