The heroics go beyond Eli Dicken, apparently his girlfriend contributed too.

‘Good Samaritan’ identified in Greenwood Park Mall shooting; called ‘hero’ by his girlfriend’s family

As police rushed shoppers at Greenwood Park Mall to safety Sunday evening after a mass shooting, 19-year-old Shay Golden’s grandmother was getting frightening calls and texts on her phone.

She didn’t want to share her name publicly, but she did want to share with 13News what she calls heroic actions by her granddaughter and especially her granddaughter’s boyfriend, 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, of Seymour.

Shay took action too, her grandmother says, despite her terror.

She helped a woman she saw laying on the ground, who’d been shot in the leg.

“She’s been in nursing school for two years. She said she took her coat off and put a tourniquet around it and waited,” her grandmother explained. “She jumped in and went into action, yeah, and it’s just her adrenaline mode to just do that.”

Of course the focus has been on Dicken’s quick action and incredible shooting but tending to the wounded and doing bleeding control is critical to keep the body count low.

Both of them saved lives that day.

Experts impressed by armed bystander’s response at Greenwood mall shooting

A new timeline from Greenwood Police show it only took 15 seconds for the Greenwood mall shooting to come to an end.

Police reviewed surveillance video that showed the moments the suspect left the food court bathroom to the time Eli Dicken pulled out his gun, aimed and took out the threat.

Autopsy results also revealed the suspect was hit eight times from about 40 yards away. Police say Dicken fired 10 rounds.

Those numbers are impressing many gun experts and owners.

“What impressed me the most, compared to your average civilian shooter, was not the number of rounds fired, not the hit rate, not the time, but the distance,” said Mark Welter, retail manager for Indy Arms Company.

Welter and another instructor tested it out to see if they could do it. They put a target 25 yard out, which was the farthest it could go.

“That was seven seconds to draw and get off 10 rounds in 25 yards and I’m low on a lot of them,” Welter said after he finished shooting.

Police said Dicken had no police training or military background. He told them he learned to shoot from his grandfather.

So WTHR Indianapolis found some shooting instructors who couldn’t reproduce what Dicken pulled off.

The lesson here, of course, is practice more.

And I’m absolutely certain his grandfather would be proud of him, using the skills he taught to save lives.

As everything seems to be falling apart, it’s getting diceyer out there.

It’s good to know that they’re are still good Samaritans with skills out there.

Strive to be one yourself.

Carry everywhere and make sure you have a tourniquet on you.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “More news from Greenwood”
  1. It’s fair enough to say he shot better than the average civilian. What is much more important is that he shot better than not just the average, but the overwhelming majority of “law enforcement”.
    It can’t be emphasized enough that cops, on average, shoot rather poorly, probably more poorly than the average civilian. As I commented on an article in the WSJ website that covered this same topic, the shooting seen here is not just way beyond the average cop, but in fact way beyond any law enforcement firearms qualification standard.

    1. Actually, getting a bit out on a limb here, I suspect the shooting at Greenwood is way beyond any government firearms qualification standard (not just LE). While various government agencies employ sharpshooters, I very much doubt anyone, police, military, or any other, is expected to qualify with a handgun on a man-size target at 50 yards.

  2. Outstanding performance by both of them. I had not heard of the young ladies actions before but entirely approve of them good on ya miss.

    Good reason to get you some first aid training and carry a small medkit, heck they make ankle kits and pocket kits no reason not to.

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