I found a longer, more complete video of him.


This kid is openly advocating for the mass extermination of the Jews, he says Zionists, as a form of self defense.

He went so Woke he adopted the principles of Mein Kampf.

He’s a socialist who thinks people who believe in an ideology that kills millions should die for the benefit of society. Clearly, he doesn’t have a mirror.

This is the level of unhinged insanity that we are facing, and the Democrat Party is acquiescing to.

Get armed and get trained, because these people will lead pogroms.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “More of that insane Columbia black queer Hitler kid”
    1. We could try the Laplander approach.

      Those unable to contribute and consume more than they help get left on a ice flow.

  1. Along the same lines: two evenings ago the local (Boston) news featured a conversation with a “protester” at Emerson College who made a statement containing the words “the Zionist entity” and then a few seconds later had the nerve to claim that “he is not saying anything antisemitic”.
    It’s possible he is merely irredeemably stupid, but at this point I am no longer willing to entertain that hypothesis where these people are concerned.

    1. They have created a idea to allow them to hate Jews without hating Jews and avoid cognitive dissonance. They claim Judiasm has nothing to do with Zionism, and in fact, Zionism itself is antisemitic. So they can openly hate Zionists and still say they are fighting antisemitism.

  2. This is what happens when history is not correctly taught in schools. People aren’t challenged when they twist history and refuse to learn what really happened.

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