Yes, yes, more!!!

I feel terrible for this woman and her daughter but every single normie who voted for Biden because of Trump’s mean Tweets need to see up close and personal what the Left is really like.

No compassion, no civility, just constant aggressive political churning all of the time.

The need their noses rubbed in it like a puppy who pooped on the floor.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “More of this. Much more. MOAR!!!!”
  1. At least most puppies learn……. Kind caring compassionate liberals filled with hate for everything not like them.

  2. One of the things that pushed the apolitical middle from being largely apathetic towards gay rights (they weren’t pro-, they weren’t anti-, they just plain never gave the topic much thought) was when the Westboro Baptist Church started showing up at military funerals with their “God Hates Fags” signs.

    There is a natural human response to seeing something like that that says “Holy hell, if that’s what people on Team Anti-Suchandsuch act like, then I guess I better support Team Pro-Suchandsuch.”

    Another example, which this blog has dealt with a lot in the past, are the Open Carry Assholes. They don’t help advance the gun rights cause, they just help undermine it by making us all look like assholes.

    1. I have reacted just as strongly to the other end of the Open Carry Asshole stick as well.
      Namely, the “you’ll scare the sheeple and then they’ll vote to take away ALL our rights!!!11oneeleventy!” folks, exemplified by Charles Cotton, friend and blackmail buddy of Wayne LaPierre at the NRA.
      Yes, there are OCA out there. But only a few. It’s the fear-monger assholes however, that kept Texas from having hardly any Open Carry at all for decades after passage of CCW, with exemptions only under similar “hunting/fishing/private property” rules as Florida.
      Either one would be bad enough, but the infighting between the two “sides” leaves the politicos convinced it’s a topic that can be safely ignored.
      I will NOT go after the idiots that open carry “at” people without also going after the idiots who are so scared of the voting public that they run for cover at the mere shadow of an unconcealed handgun.
      (Oh, and for those not in the know, Charles Cotton has a long history of lobbying AGAINST any expansion of gun/carry rights, using his NRA position and partial authorship of Texas’ original CHL law as credentials. He has shown himself to care more about grifting money from NRA and CHL instructor fees than any gun rights issue. Whats-his-face down in Florida is the phenotype for Open Carry Asshole; Cotton is the same for Concealed Carry Asshole. Only one of them has any position of authority in a nationwide gun organization, and it’s not the dude rubbing his holster on people’s thighs to make them uncomfortable.)

      1. I called Cotton on his lobbying once. In private. Respectfully. Politely.
        He responded by banning me from any and every board and forum I was on that had him as an admin, if he could figure out my username.
        He has been a bigger threat to gun rights for decades than any “sniff my holster” Open Carry Florida dingbat.

    2. Ish, good point, and I remember commenting to myself that there’s nothing wrong with the Westboro people that a few dozen .44 Magnum wouldn’t cure.

      That said, much of the goodwill towards gay rights produced by those crazies was destroyed, soon after, by the crazies on the other side who concocted an artificial persecution of the famous Colorado baker, and the additional crazies on that side who did the exact same thing in several other cases.

  3. Too bad the overwhelming majority of the folks on the left will never hear about this. Not a peep.

    Their news sources, and the folks they follow on social media will not mention this at all in any way.

    Of course, if more of this does happen, it may end up overwhelming the filters, and maybe the MSM might just cover it.

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