I just saw this in my local rag and thought about J. Kb’s post The trouble with tipping.

I think we just ought to eliminate the Tipping culture altogether. Or in the above case, give me more tipping options like zero zero one % if the service was pure shit. I have been that asshole who left a penny as tip because the service was subpar.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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7 thoughts on “More on tipping. Actually, much less.”
  1. Costa Rica has a 10% tip built right into the bill, and they don’t expect more. (At least from the locals.)

    You can of course, but it’s gotta be some very extraordinary service..

  2. Notice how the minimum jumped up to 20%. That’s how you know the staff hasn’t gotten a raise and the employer has pushed the cost of living increase into the tip. Waitstaff need to go to an hourly rate with the tip being optional. Business have taken advantage of tipping to screw staff and customers.

    1. problem with waitstaff getting hourly wage it will cut my wifes income in HALF.
      we need to educate people to the fact that waitstaff STILL work for tips. and it should be the only job that gets tips…. and yes Im including delivery type jobs as waitstaff…. sigh.. we are fukked..

  3. I have been to places where the server did a great job and they got a nice tip , however there have been times when the waitstaff , for whatever reason suck. One waitress who was extra pissy got a penny cut in half for a tip (A Leatherman tool can do it) Here ya go , don’t spend it all in one place Toots !

  4. Thinking about switching to a pure salary vs tipping approach…
    In principle, over time, ideally, and with other caveats etc., an employee’s compensation tracks with their job performance.
    For many types of business that evaluation of performance is done by a manager, who sees reports, writeups, etc on the work done. In the case of a waiter in a restaurant, however, what are the metrics? For bad wait staff there’s customer speaking to the manager, but for good ones? Much more rare. So in a sense, tipping is the customer doing the manager’s job of employee evaluation, in real-time.
    Switching to a pure salaried approach for wait staff would seem to suggest a much more frequent interaction of the manager with customers is called for, so as to properly get that evaluation. This is certainly something good management can do, and already often does in “good” restaurants I’ve eaten at.

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