More pro-gun violence from the anti-gun violence side

So I was going through the comments made on Shannon Watts Twitter threat about Judge Kavanaugh, and I found some gem replies.

(Snipped for posterity)

A girl from Queens dreams about a SCOTUS Justice being shot by an AR-15 for upholding the 2A?

Nothing like a little murder go make SCOTUS decide the way the anti-gun activists want it to decided.  Gun violence is bad, unless it happens to a political opponent, then a girl can dream.

Never forget, their ideas are so great, other people might have to die for them to them to be implemented.

3 Replies to “More pro-gun violence from the anti-gun violence side”

  1. She needs a visit from the Secret Service and the US Marshals.

    She may be a perfectly harmless blowhard. She may be malevolent. She may inspire help someone that is insane and dangerous.

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