I’m an advocate for paternity leave.  But were going on two months here and a fucking crisis of transportation is grinding our economy to a halt.

If that’s not enough to get the Secretary of Transportation to show the fuck back up to work then clearly the message is he’s not needed.  The assumption that can be made next is that he’s not needed because he’s incompetent.

The Administration, through its actions, is admitting that they have a guy a guy who was not qualified a job they didn’t think would require a lot of work.

Which honestly describes the President himself.

We are being led by the most incompetent people in history.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “More proof Mayor Pete was given a sinecure”
  1. And acting out of anger and spite. THIS is whats wrong with our country… every few years we get a bunch of whiney ignorant spiteful democrats in charge and they azzfuk this country for 4-8 years, wreck EVERTHING and take thier millions and run.
    Then we get a Trump in and piss them off more. We the People need to start ignoring dc and make our home state “leaders” do the same.

  2. No one expects him to be competent; Mayor Pete rose in politics because he did the same thing Kamala Harris did.

    1. The meme floating around has the consultants from Office Space asking Sec. Pete what his qualifications are. His response “I went to Harvard and like to have sex with men.”

      And, that is why we have what we have. The Dems will promote you because of what you are, not what you do.

  3. The obvious conclusion is that the Dept. of Transportation is not only unconstitutional but unnecessary.

  4. Buttplug is another one of those guys that comes out of nowhere, and is mysteriously suddenly important. Kind of like that 0bama guy, a decade and a half ago. Makes one prone to conspiracy (excuse me) “coincidence” theorizing.

    1. It’s not too outlandish- they needed to find some younger talent to eventually replace the Brezhnevesq bevy of ancient octogenarian Boomers in Dem leadership. Former President Obama was supposed to be Hillary’s running mate until the sheer weight of her unlikeability became apparent, and the Dems with the the cool guy.
      Mayor Pete technically checked all the Millennial cool boxes, but like Beto, never really took off.

  5. Unless one of those dudes was already pregnant, isn’t this a case of choosing a very unsuitable time to acquire some high-maintenance lifestyle accessories?
    (As if there were ever a good time to acquire children as lifestyle accessories.)

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