Caught this on the news feed:Rendall

My first thought was “Anybody want to bet me that this guy is anti-gun too?”

So I went through his feed a little and lo and behold, he is.


Regarding Ben Carson’s comments on the Holocaust:


Regarding Texas campus carry:


Ahhh… It was almost too easy.

It’s an amazing coincidence isn’t it?  The people with the attitude of “believe what we want you to believe or we will kill you” don’t like it when other people own and carry guns.

This is why WE have guns.  I don’t want to stand before a firing squad because I don’t believe that my V8 pickup is directly responsible for the weather.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “More proof”
  1. I get this picture of a firing squad made up of Pajama Boys wielding politically correct single shot smart guns.
    PJB Leader- “Ready…”
    PJB #4- “Now hold on, “ready” is kind of ablest, and shames those with low timekeeping skills”
    PJB #2- “And why do you get to call out the commands? Who made you the boss?”
    *5 minutes of vocal virtue signaling and squabbling later*
    PJB# 3- “As agreed…”
    PJB’s in unision- “One…Two…Three…SHOOT!”
    *smartguns all buzz and flash red lights*
    PJB # 1- “My display says we have ‘insufficient carbon credits for propellant burn’. Who forgot to top up the carbon credits?”

  2. Here’s a question. Can anyone recall the last time someone in the US was shot for spreading lies and misinformation during any of the wars we’ve been involved in?
    And lynching’s and such don’t count because he suggests that the executions are government actions. I’m thinking that he has visions of those other “more civilized” countries across the ocean that have left out such individual rights such as free speech and the right to bear arms.

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