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This is done by the Students for Justice in Palestine, which is pretty much an antisemitic hate group that uses the Palestinians as justification for their hate.

The flyer never mentions how many of the homes demolished were used for storing weapons for attacks on Israel, which is what is often the case.

This isn’t the first time that SJP has done this on a college campus, they have previously targeted Jews at NYU as well.

This focused torment of Jewish students in the name of Israel has led to vandalism, the desecration of religious objects, harassment of Jewish students, and violence.

I had a Mezuzah on my dorm room door post for years and it was never a problem, but that was a dozen years ago at this point before the Democrats decided that pro-Palestinian antisemitism was the future of the party and engineering schools tend to lean Conservative.

Now it’s an invitation for the woke intersectional coalition to target your for harassment and threaten your safety.

Take note how CNN isn’t doing 24/7 coverage of this blaming Trump.

This leads to the question: if a blow lands on a Jewish student and it came from a Left Wing activist, does it make a noise in the Media?

Probably not.

More and more everyday the evidence mounts, American Jews are going to have to start getting ready to defend themselves.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “More reasons for campus carry”
  1. You think they will??? It has scared me for years that the dems continue to ladle heaps of hate on Jews( who donate millions to them)(WHY!!!!?????)and they poke thier heads in the sand and say nothing. The dems continue to spew hate on America more and more. What is the breakin point???? How far will it go. IF Trump wins 2020 what will THAT do? Looks like they are groomin creepy uncle joe to be the front runner. I think no matter who they run it will be a sure shot Trump will win. America is tired of the bullshit. The double standard is in full force when media is defending creepy joe. Seriously- I wonder how many of those stupid bimbos would let anyone sniff their hair or play gropey grope?? I just came back from a trip to Virginia Georgia an Florida( Ocala, Don Garlits museum) the atmosphere is SO different. Definately Trump Country and Real. Lots of Gadsens, American, Confederate flags and God Bless America signs. People are genuine and polite. Even the younger crowd. Liberals would like you to think THEY speak for everyone. We the People know better. Get out there and sweet talk, brow beat and or thrash others to our way of thinking and voting

  2. Typical muslim response. Blame people who were not involved.

    Let’s pretend for a minute that Israel is in fact committing genocide against palestinians. What makes this student group think that evicting people that have nothing to do with it is in any OK?

    Every time there is an islamic terrorist attack, everyone bends over backwards making statements about how it was the actions of a few, and do not take it out on all muslims, etc… etc…. etc… But, Israel does something people do not like (whether it was warranted or not), and every Jew in the world is to blame.

    I would bet every dollar in my wallet that after every islamic terrorist attack the SJP is among the first to say it has nothing to do with islam, and everyone should think twice before saying anything antimuslim.

    1. The Koran and hadith have nothing to do with Islam. Mohammed’s life history has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a pacifist religion, never mind its history, religious texts, and the example set by the guy they call “the perfect man”.

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