The Supreme Court ruled in another case yesterday regarding the Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency Act – also known as the Reproductive FACT Act.

The law, passed in 2015, imposes two different sets of requirements on the centers, depending on whether they are licensed to provide medical services. The centers that have licenses must post notices that inform their patients that they may obtain free or low-cost abortions and that include the number of the state agency that can connect the women with abortion providers. The centers that are not licensed must include disclaimers in their advertisements – in up to 13 languages – to make clear that their services do not include medical help.

Again my non-lawyer understanding of the case is this:

There are religious “crisis pregnancy” centers that try to help women who are in the demographic prone to abortion through pregnancy and possibly adoption without having an abortion.  California mandated that they advertise state funded abortion to the women that they are serving.

This was decided to be a violation of Free Speech because free speech includes prohibiting forcing people to say things they don’t want to say.

You can’t make a law that requires a Catholic Priest to wish people “eid mubarak” at the same time as performing Eucharist to be inclusive.

This is similar to the Colorado gay wedding cake case in which part of the argument was you can’t force an artist to say something that goes against his convictions.

SCOTUS is setting precedent that free speech means the government can’t say “you can’t say that” and it also can’t say “you must say this too.”

There are some very important for issues where this is going to vital.  Like preferred pronouns with trans people.  If you don’t want to call a man a woman because that is his preferred pronoun, the government can’t make you say “she” or “her.”

Of course the Left is going to twist the facts on this case as badly as they can.

Enter anti-gun nut job Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon.

You’d think that a lawyer would understand that making a bunch of religious people say “we don’t provide abortion here, but abortion is an alternative and if you go across the street, the state will give you one for free” is kind of tyrannical.  Especially since CA doesn’t make Planned Parenthood say “adoption is also an option and if you go across the street, there are some nice people who will help you with that.”

That is because abortion has become a sacrament for the radical Left and the Reproductive FACT Act is government mandated prostelyzation.

Instead, de Leon blames “Gorsuch and 4 other” justices.

Again this is dangerous as fuck.

It sends the message to the radicals “if we just get rid of Gorsuch, SCOUTS will be ours again.”



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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “More targeting of Gorsuch”

      Get another Gorsuch in there and we’ll get AWB and mag capacity bans struck down and CCW reciprocity upheld.

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