A mom of two students at Robb Elementary School says she was handcuffed by officers as the shooter was still inside before she jumped a fence and ran into the school to safely retrieve her children on Tuesday.

Angeli Rose Gomez, a mother of a second-grader and a third-grader, told the Wall Street Journal she drove 40 miles to the Uvalde school and was one of numerous parents begging and yelling at the officers to enter sooner to take out 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos.

After a few minutes, she said, a US Marshall placed her in handcuffs, stating that she was under arrest for intervening in an active investigation, according to the Journal.

Gomez recognized a few local Uvalde police officers and convinced them to tell the marshals to remove the cuffs.

Once freed, she distanced herself from the crowd, jumped the school fence, ran inside the school building and grabbed her two children. The three sprinted out of the school together, she said.

Texas school shooting: Cops handcuffed mom before she ran in to get her kids (nypost.com)

And this is mom and her kids

She could be what? 105 pounds soaking wet? Just a mom with zero experience on tactical rescues or any kind of police training? And she did what trained officers refused to do?

Every time I believe it cannot get any worse for the Uvalde PD, shit pops up proving me wrong.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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10 thoughts on “A Mother had more balls than the cops at Uvalde”
  1. Ok, but how do you rescue just two kids in a school full of kids? You open the door to just one room and say hey, Pepito, come on let’s go, the rest of you kids stay here and wait? I mean, I’d go in to rescue my kids but I’d have a really hard time separating them from the rest of the room full of kids, especially if I had a safe exit path. Just run the whole class out or something. I have the same question about the cops who supposedly ran in and got their kids too. How do you pull one kid out of the class and leave the rest behind?

    There’s a whole lot of messed up BS in all these stories. But yeah, the lady had some gumption there.

    1. I dont know what went down, neither do you. However, what makes you think that she had a duty to anyone other than herself and her family?

      When push comes to shove, survival means taking care of you and yours.

      1. Yup, I don’t know how it went down and neither do you. Therefore I’m asking what I thought was a pretty obvious question. How did she got in, how did she got to her kids’ classroom, how was she able to open a door to the classroom that should have been locked (I’m assuming her kids weren’t in the same room as the shooter), etc. and etc. These are all questions we don’t have answers to.

        Yes, my family comes first. But if I can lead a classroom of kids to safety with little to no additional risk, I’d like to think I would do that.

        And finally, if she were able to do that, why weren’t the cops evacuating the parts of the school where it was safe to get to? I understand that’s probably not the plan, but they clearly weren’t following any plan already, so ???

        Yup, lots of questions and we’re just getting conflicting answers and partial answers that don’t give a clear picture of just how bad a fuck-up this was.

    2. She did more than the cops, which is the whole point of this post. One little lady did more than the whole Uvalde PD.

  2. How did she get in? I thought the shooter had locked himself inside, or at least that’s what the narrative was I thought.

    1. He locked himself and most of his victims in one room. One room.

      The perimeter should have been set up around that one room if a perimeter was to be set up at all.

  3. Wait, what? It didn’t take her the better part of a m@@@@@ f@@@@@g HOUR to (a) I’d the principal, (b) say, “Gimme the freaking keys (c), go the room, and TCB?

    Behold my shocked face?! {(C) Sarah Hoyt}

  4. I am thinking the next time one of these happens and if the cops don’t run straight in after the shooter, they’re going to be taking fire from parents who are willing to and will not be deterred.

    Actual fire, not just yelling.

    Giving the recalcitrant officers a choice between certain death at the hands of the citizenry or possible death from an active shooter.

    People forget the theory of our government. We the people have delegated our powers to the government to do things collectively which are difficult or excessively costly individually. When government abdicates that power, then it is returned to the people to exercise.

    If the police play the, “we have no duty to protect,” card; they have abdicated their police powers back to the originators of that power: the people.

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