Today is known as All Saint’s Day, or Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, the Day of the Dead, and lots of other interesting names. In my own religion, it is a day when we say a formal goodbye to those who have passed on in the last year. I would normally read names. I did so last night, for my personal family stuff.

This Saturday, I’ll be saying a prayer for all the innocents who’ve died in the Middle East this year, especially those in Israel. I have chosen to stand with Israel in this, for so many reasons I cannot count, but mostly because I am not willing to stand by and watch my Jewish friends be terrified for good reason. If that means we load up the Redneckmobile with lawn chairs and rifles, so be it.

But the prayers? Those are for all the innocent lives lost. I don’t mourn for people who chose to be terrorists (or even those few Israelis who chose to be assholes to the Palestinians before all this went down. But I do mourn for the infants and children and women of Hammas and its terrorist fiends…er I mean friends. Those children did not choose to be born into the horror they’re currently in. They didn’t choose to be trapped in Gaza, because their parents pissed off the only people who cared enough to help them out. There’s a reason that the other Middle Eastern countries aren’t willing to take in Palestinian refugees.

What I wish? That the women and young children could be allowed to leave. Would it mean innocent men and older boys were sentenced to death? Yes, yes it probably would. I, for one, could give that order. I think Golda could have done it. Her words are wise… even now. That wasn’t the clip I was looking for, but it gives an idea of who she was.

I’m sad. I’m a little scared. I’m angry. I’m worried. I have kids who could get drafted, if this turns into a World War. And this war would not be like the last two. I suspect they’ll be considered small beans if we go to a third war. I don’t want to be involved… and in a lot of ways, I’m NOT involved. I am very limited in what things I can actually DO to help, here in America. I do what I can, whenever I can. I teach, I educate, I listen, I comfort. Sometimes I berate. But wow… what a helpless feeling.

Whatever you believe… join me in a prayer or a mournful thought tonight. As the sun sets, wherever you are, take a moment to say goodbye to those good people who’ve lost their lives in the past year, and in the past two weeks.


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By hagar

4 thoughts on “Mourning”
  1. @ Hagar
    We will join your prayer in our circle tonight, as we remember the names of those who have passed; both in our families and of our friends.

  2. Hagar:
    Good post, good words, and good thoughts.
    I agree totally with your analysis. There are no “innocent victims” in this, or any other mid-east conflict. Not at a national scale at any rate. However, the Oct 7th attack made a few things clear, even to the most ardent palestine supporter. Had the attack been against military and government installations (even with some civilian casualties) that would be one thing. It was not. It was directed against civilians. Celebrating that attack is celebrating barbarism.
    And, the result could very well turn out to be WW III.
    I am not religious. Not agnostic either… But, I will be joining you in prayer, good thoughts, and worrying a bit about our future. Too many idiots in power will use the blood of their country’s military members as a way to ensure they do not lose power and control. The short and long term outlook is not positive. Especially with the (so-called) “leaders” we have in most of our first world countries.
    Remembering my lost ones today. Mom, Dad, Mum-in-Law, Jackie, Foster, Lisa, Mary, Fred, and a whole host of others. Saying prayers for them and celebrating those that are still with us.

  3. Was this the quote you were looking for?
    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”

    Apparently the Arabs have forgotten how to love their children, because Moshe Dayan described pre 1948 Arab friends as loving their children. I will say Kaddish for their victims.

    1. The arabs know how to love their children.
      When hamas places military equipment under schools and hospitals, I am sure they are under someone else’s children. There is no way in Hades hamas will risk their own families.
      Same with any other islamic terrorist organization. They send your children to matyrdom, while their kids are protected.
      The real problem is too many arab parents actually think hamas (and the other terrorist organizations) are looking out for all, not just themselves.

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