Low ages are violence.

Force can be met with force.

If someone pays you low wages you have the moral and legal justification to meet their violence with violence.

Any business owner or manager that pays you less than you think you are worth should be beaten up (or worse).

No small business would be able to survive this.  It is a Catch 22, pay unskilled workers far more than their market value and go bankrupt or pay unskilled workers their market value and have them cave your skull in.  The only option then is to shut down and move.

This is nothing short of advocacy for an American version of the Bolshevik Revolution.



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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “MoveOn.org endorses the American Bolshevik Revolution”
  1. Baker, cashier, running the store, is he the owner? I know several small business owners who would add janitor, stock boy, accountant, purchasing agent, etc. Wearing multiple hats is the reality of modern American business. Contrast this “Poster Child” with the guy who was willing to walk 20 miles for his first day of work.

    1. My grandfather owned a Deli and did everything. If there was on one else to plunge a toilet he did it.

      When I clerked for my dad’s firm, I did everything from going to the law library to get photocopies (very early days of the internet) to making coffee to cleaning and dusting the waiting area and conference room before big client meetings.

      If you expect that you are hired as X and only do X, you’ll never be worth more than minimum wage if that.

  2. Violence

    behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

    So much for “words have meaning”.

  3. We are a single magazine dump away from Civil War 2. The future of our nation rests upon the shoulders of the person in this nation who is among the LEAST mentally stable. That person is reading things like this and considering action, either to commit violence with the purpose of avenging the poor, or in stopping the SJWs. Either way, given the right conditions, the powder keg that is current US politics will explode.

    Once that mag dump occurs, the government will do what governments ALWAYS do when violence threatens the status quo: The martial law crackdown will be total and permanent. Then it won’t matter who started it. The violence that follows will make the first Civil War look like amateur hour.

    1. You’re absolutely right of course. And you wanna know the thing that pisses me off the most about this push to the edge that all these SJWs and their Political handlers want? All I, and so many other Americans, want is to just be left in peace to raise our children to be good people and to try and make the world a little bit better. We’ve never cared what others want to do with their time or money or what they do in their bedrooms. But no. My family is going to suffer because they’re not content living their own life. They desire and damand absolute control. And as further insult they genuinely believe that they can inflict this violence while sitting atop their ivory towers, without risk or consequence. They think they can chearlead or instigate and not shoulder any of the blame for the lives and innocence that will be lost. And the saddest part is none of them can even imagine what it will be like when the beast they’ve unleashed turns and consumes them and theirs. Sorry. I just couldn’t help venting.

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