Astronaut Mark Kelly, you know the Astronaut, who is married to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who he met after his second shuttle mission as an Astronaut, is running for Senate in Arizona.

Did I mention he was an Astronaut?

Even his fucking Twitter handle is @ShuttleCDRKelly (Shuttle Commander).

Yeah, we get it, he was an Astronaut and Commander of the Space Shuttle.

It’s clear from that video that in the aftermath of his wife’s shooting, he became a raging Liberal.

I didn’t know brain damage could be sexually transmitted.*

*Is that too mean?

The reason this put me in such an antagonistic mood is the core of his ad.

“I thought I had the risky job…”

First of all, in terms of life lost on missions per hour of space travel, the mortality rate for astronauts is 7.77 people per 1,000 person-years.  To be honest, the guy doing Kelly’s roof is orders of magnitude more likely do die at work than Shuttle Commander Kelly.  Hell, Commander Kelly is more likely to get killed driving into work at Cape Canaveral than he was piloting the shuttle.

“Turned out you were the one that had the risky job” said while looking at his wife.

There have been 12,343 people who have served in Congress since the founding of this country.  Out of those 12,343 people, 14 were killed and 11 wounded while in office.  Giffords was the first Member of Congress wounded in the 21st Century, and the first one since John C. Stennis in 1973.  With all due respect to her,  being a Congresswoman was not statistically risky.

The Democrats really tried to push the idea that Rep. Giffords was shot for political reasons.  They tried to blame Sarah Palin and the NRA.

Turns out Rep. Giffords was shot by a crazy guy who should have been a prohibited person, but everyone who had the power to report him and stop the shooting dropped the fucking ball.

It seems like in this ad that Astronaut Kelly is continuing to run with this conspiracy and is going to use it as a central part of his campaign.

We see him put a helmet on his wife, her with her arm in the sling, then on the disability recumbent quadracycle.

You can see where this is going.  He is going to run on a strong gun control platform and defend every position with “my wife…”

He was the co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, and anti-gun PAC, which merged with another anti-gun PAC to become the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Keeping in mind that the autopsy of the Giffords shooting read a whole lot like the Parkland Commission Report, with person after person who noticed that something was severely wrong with Jared Lee Loughner coming down with an immediate case of the fuckits.

Then he goes into something other than his wife’s shooting.

“Arizonans are facing incredibly challenging issues… the stagnation of wages, job growth, the economy…”

Except that the economy is booming, we have record job growth, and wages are going up.  Any meddling in that is going to make things worse.

Then the ad ends back with his wife again.

I’m surprised Shuttle Commander Astronaut Kelly is running with his own name and not as Mr. Shuttle Commander Astronaut Giffords, considering how much it seems like he’s going to milk her shooting for victim status for votes.

There is a chance Arizona could have a senator who is backed by his very own gun control PAC, that he co-created.

This is bad.  Especially because I expect Shannon Watts to announce her candidacy for Senate against Cory Gardner any day now.

We are in for a fight in Arizona.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Mr. Gabby Giffords runs for Senate”
  1. Yes Arizona is in a battle but there are a couple of points going against him. Unlike Sinema his politics have been well publicized and they won’t play in Arizona. The McCain Milquetoast political machine is quickly being dismantled and Kelli Ward is a fighter leading the way. Voter regulation is working through our senate steadily. Irregularities if you can call them that are being investigated. Also Arizonans took it in the teeth when California bought themselves a 3rd senate seat I don’t think we will let it happen again. Just my two cents.

  2. Brother, we in a fight EVERYWHERE. This is the insanely frustrating problem. WE all own guns and we cant come together and defeat these assholes. Time is now.

  3. I’m old enough to remember when he ran that “sting” operation on gun shops to show how easy it is for an Astronaut with high level military clearance to buy an “assault weapon”. Only he forgot to record or document the transaction in any way, and only told anyone of his master plan after he was outed and photographed by pro-gun people who saw him and thought “hey, isn’t that guy buying an AR-15 the anti-gun astronaut husband of that congresswoman who was shot?” And since he was ordering the firearm and had to come back later for it (which is weird given that his plan was to show how easy it is for an astronaut with high level security clearance to walk out the door with a gun), and after being outed and then claiming he was going to turn the gun into the police for destruction and show the country how easy it was (without documentation), the gun shop then nullified the transaction since he lied on his form saying the gun was for himself. So all he ended up doing was showing the country that an astronaut with high level security clearance *wasn’t* able to buy an AR-15, and only managed to show this because pro-gun people were gratuitous enough to document the transaction for him (since he forgot) and realease it on the internet.

    Yeah, I remember him. Isn’t he an astronaut?

    1. There’s a happy story in there. “Hey kids! Even if you’re an utter dumbass, you can still become an astronaut!”

  4. I pledge $100 to whom ever runs against that asshole. He is an opportunist of the first degree. He created the “pac” to suck money out of Bloomberg and Soros and live the high life while flying around shitting on gun owners and getting the “pac” to pay for his first class hotel, meals and whatever. I don’t live in AZ but I’ll put money out to keep that vile commie out of government.

  5. Why do I think McSally will be the first person to lose TWO (2!) US Senate seats in two years?

    First to Sinema, then to whoever the Democrats run in 2020?

  6. The media here already has the shill machine in overdrive for Kelly. The Californication of Arizona has been in full swing for over 2 decades and it’s not getting any better.

  7. I have it on good authority from someone who worked at The Cape that astronaut Mark Kelly is, in real life, a philandering asshole of the first order.

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