MSNBC apparently attempted to intimidate the Rittenhouse trial jury.

Rittenhouse judge bans MSNBC from courtroom after person accused of trailing jury bus

In a brief statement before the court Thursday, Judge Bruce Schroeder addressed an incident in which a person who identified himself as an employee for MSNBC allegedly followed a sealed bus with blocked out windows as it left the courthouse to transport jurors to an undisclosed location.

The man spotted following the bus identified himself as James J. Morrison – and he told investigators he was instructed to follow the vehicle, Schroeder added. The judge said Morrison claimed to be working under the supervision of an MSNBC producer based in New York.

He may have been trying to take pictures of the jurors or their license plates.

There there is simply the act of following the jury bus, which in and of itself can be disconcerting for the jurors.

This is a major news network engaging in behavior that is right on the line of jury intimidation.

And of course it was MSNBC.

This is one of MSNBC’s top prime time anchors:


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Nothing but vicious racism and an attack on the principles of our Justice System, putting evidence above hysterics.

Why wouldn’t such a partisan organization not try and influence the trial.

This is the second time someone has been stopped from taking pictures of the jurors.

I really do hope that if this goes on any longer I hope the judge does dismiss with prejudice because I don’t see how the jury could ever be trusted not to be compromised.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “MSNBC is the enemy of Justice and our Judicial System”
  1. He shouldn’t be barring them from the court, he should be having them charged with jury tampering.

    No. Wait. That would require a prosecutor who wants an honest and fair judicial system and if that were the case this whole thing wouldn’t be happening.

    1. I believe he said that things were being investigated, suggesting that such charges are still possible later on. This was just an emergency first response to the bad act.

  2. Every single report on this, states “not allowed in the courtroom.”
    It must be my old ears, but every time I listen to the judge, I hear “not allowed in the building.” To me, that is a big difference.

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