Mugshot is the new Doxxing

According to the people in Berkeley and supporters anyway. From censoring speech to White slavery, mugshots are a threat to the fabric of the country.

Or some horseshit like that, go on and read yourselves.

You have to admit, they’d make great TV lawyers but only in shows that allow a total suspension of disbelief and common sense.

9 Replies to “Mugshot is the new Doxxing”

  1. I admit I’ve never been a fan of publishing mugshots of people who haven’t been convicted, but I’m going to have to be a hypocrite on this way and laugh at the moaning and wailing from these Communist idiots.

  2. Police blotter, meet 21st century.

    When I was growing up, it was published in the local paper. Arrests are a matter of public record.

    1. I once saw a comment somewhere in which a person said “Once upon a time, authorities would put a person into the pillory and people would throw rotten food at them and spit on them. Now, we publish mugshots and have comment sections underneath them.” I thought that was an interesting way to look at it.

  3. I wonder what “ghostskin” means…

    (Not really. If it weren’t for left-wing racism, there wouldn’t be any noticeable racism in the US at all.)

    1. I’m guessing that they showed up to a protest with sticks or pipes or other improvised mele weapons. If they were guns, they’d of said so.

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