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Allow me to explain.

You will see ranges like this in the Midwest.

They are public municipal ranges on land managed by a law enforcement agency like Fish & Game, or in this case, the Department of Natural Resources.

The bureaucracy hates the range but for various legal reasons, can’t shut it down.

Instead, they make the range inconvenient to use, with capricious rules.

They don’t want people to shoot here, so they geared it towards hunters who might shoot a few rounds to zero their hunting rifle for the season then leave.

So yes, it’s a Fudd range, run by Fudd bureaucracy.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Municipal ranges”
  1. I have one like that. It is run by the State Parks division. And, it exists because hunters need to zero scopes, or shake down a new rifle. They have training areas, and the handgun range has a limit of 10 rounds. For now.
    Curious that they use the term “clip.” Tells me the person insisting on that rule is clueless.

  2. Well, okay then. Since it uses clips. I will load my Garand one round at a time. (Which would be a real PITA.) But since it makes no mentions of magazines…

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