A man killed 4 in a stabbing rampage that lasted hours. He was arrested at a 7-Eleven

A man killed four people during a stabbing rampage in Southern California before officers found his car parked outside a 7-Eleven convenience store and arrested him, authorities said.

In addition to the people killed, the attacker left two wounded in multiple crime scenes in Garden Grove and Santa Ana, police said.
The victims killed included two people at the suspect’s apartment complex, a 7-Eleven security guard and one more person at a Subway restaurant.

Dude killed four people, including a security guard, with a knife.

The suspect was armed with “two very large machete-type knives,” Lt. Carl Whitney of the Garden Grove Police Department told CNN, “and he was very brutal when he attacked his victims.”

Sorry, two large “machete-type” knives.

Just after 6 p.m., officers got a robbery siren alarm at an insurance business in Garden Grove. The suspect had stabbed a woman at the business, stolen money and taken off, police said. “This female employee was very brave. This guy was armed with knives — she fought as best as she could,” Whitney said.

Shortly after, police got another call of a man stabbed in the back while pumping gas and his nose nearly slashed off by the same suspect.

It’s a good thing those people were not able to carry guns to defend themselves from a crazy guy with two machetes because that would have led to chaos and the streets running red with blood.

You know, this wouldn’t have happened if California had common sense knife control.  Actually, it sort of does.  But since “machete-type” knives are not “dirks or daggers” they are legal, which sounds like some sort of “yard work implement loophole” that needs to be closed immediately.

This is the United States.  Why does anybody need to be carrying two machetes on them?


There is video of his arrest.

His “machete-type” knife was a 10 inch Chef’s knife.  Seriously.

I don’t know who decided that “machete-type” knife was the proper description but that is friggin’ ridiculous.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Must have been one of the AR style knives – Update”
  1. “The suspect was armed with “two very large machete-type knives…”

    More progtard-influenced gobbledygook. Y’all remember what happened in the former Great Britain.

  2. I heard about this and had two thoughts, back to back.

    The first was, “No guns. Move along, citizens. Nothing to see here.”

    The second was, “Thank God this was in California and nobody had a gun! Someone could have gotten hurt!”

    A bit later I thought, “Too bad it wasn’t in Great Britain or New York, or they couldn’t have had plastic picnic knives, either, and nobody would have had any weapon-like objects!”

    I feel like I’m getting too cynical as I age.

  3. In this war to keep our rights, the battle is often easy to predict. Way back in the 1980’s and maybe a bit earlier, I can easily remember the gun rights people saying “If you ban guns, the bad guys won’t be deterred. Evil does what evil wants. The next thing you will want is to ban knives.”

    And the gun grabbers all said “You’re just paranoid. If you let Handgun Control, Inc take your evil hand guns (and then evil assault weapons), we’ll stop there.”

    A number of years later an image like this popped up https://abcstlouis.com/resources/media/83cb422b-d473-418d-a294-493f3bdad172-large16x9_KnifeControlMarch_UK_20180420_4740x400.jpg?1524511310971
    (Crowd marching with the front banner reading “The Peoples March” and “Stop Knives, Save Lives” “Daily Mirror”)

    I remember thinking “Photoshopped” and then being amazed to find out it was real.

    A violent knife attack today, a dozen people burned because of an arson, it means nothing today. Tomorrow, after they ban all the guns, then it will be just one more thing to take.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    That IS the gun control law of the United States of America.

  4. I eat with a Kurkri when my Bowie is in the dish washer. Ka-Bars are excellent for trimming the crust off of white bread when preparing watercress sandwiches. I shave with a rusty Scimitar. I only carry a Samuri Sword when going out for sushi.

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